Top 10 24-Hour Open Restaurants in Lahore

24 Hour Open Restaurants in Lahore

Do those late-night cravings annoy you? Looking for a restaurant from where you can eat at the eleventh hour?

Since we all know that Lahoris are very much foodies and they are always eager to try new cuisines. It’s never too late or too early for a Lahori to eat. You must agree with me if you know someone who lives in Lahore or if you are a Lahori.

So for such Lahori foodies, there are many restaurants that are open 24/7 in order to serve you any time of the day or night. Let’s dig up the article to know about these restaurants.

24-Hour Open Restaurants in Lahore

Here is the list of restaurants you can visit any time of the day or night to get your favourite food served. 

24-Hour Open Restaurants in LahoreContact NumberAddress
Golden Usmania Restaurant0300 2203805Wahdat Link Road, Rehmanpura colony,  Lahore.
Tea 24/70321 6178858196A, Airline Housing Society, Commercial Area Near UCP, Lahore.
Subway042 35291000Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.
Muhammadi Nihari House0335 1118811Abu Bakar Road, Sector B-1, Block 6, Lahore.
Sawad by Siddique Sons0300 2822252Zam Zam Plaza, Main Market Gulberg, Near MCB bank, Lahore.
Food Station Cafe0305 7779991Commercial Main Road, Raiwind Road, Sher Shah Colony, Lahore.
Al Rizwan Paratha Expert0321 4085237Zaildar Road, near makki boys hostel, Ichhra Shah Din Scheme Lahore.
Ali Restaurant and BBQ0303 3333277Bhatta Chowk, Rehman Villas, Lahore.
Goshi Restaurant042 35851777C Block, Model Town, Lahore.
Cook Nook0300 9459758Shahdin Scheme, Ichhra Lahore.

Golden Usmania Restaurant

24 Hour Open Restaurants in Lahore

Do you prefer Dhaba Style restaurants? Where can you get delicious food without losing your tough grind money? Golden Usmania Restaurant is the right place for you. 

Either you want desi food such as handi or curry or you want italian pizzas or other snacks. Golden Usmania is the perfect place for you.

Why Should You Visit Golden Usmania Restaurant?

  • One of the most appealing reasons you should visit this place is the affordable price. Since the price range of all the delicious food is very reasonable. So you will get everything without spending half of your salary. 

Speciality of Golden Usmania Restaurant

  • Handi
  • Karahi
  • Paratha 
  • Delicious Breakfast

Tea 24/7 

24 Hour Open Restaurants in Lahore

Another place that is open 24/7 for you is Tea 24/7 from where you can get freshly brewed coffee and much more.

Why Should You Visit Tea 24/7?

  • You should surely visit Tea 24/7 for freshly brewed hot beverages and other than that you can get all the light snacks such as sandwiches, burgers, fries etc.

Speciality of Tea 24/7

  • Coffee
  • Beef Quarter Pounder
  • Pasta
  • Chinese cuisine


24 Hour Open Restaurants in Lahore

We all know and are in love with subway burgers because they give us a different taste than that of the normal traditional burgers. You Surely can not resist the fresh vegetables and variety of sauces subways offer you.

Why Should You Visit Subway?

  • One of the most amazing reasons to visit Subway is that it gives your taste buds a different taste that you have never felt before. 
  • Subway allows you to customise the sandwiches and prepare them right in front of you and who doesn’t like customization?

Speciality of Subway

  • Submarine Sandwiches

Muhammadi Nihari House

24 Hour Open Restaurants in Lahore

Fun fact about Nihari is that the word Nihari comes from the Arabic word Nihar which means morning and Nihari is a breakfast dish eaten by Mughals, nawab and Kings. With Muhammadi Nihari House you can also eat breakfast like those mughal emperors. 

Why Should You Visit Muhammadi Nihari House?

  • Because it’s not like you can get beef, mutton, chicken, paya at any time in Lahore. But at Muhammadi Nihari House you can satisfy your craving any time whether it’s day or night.

Speciality of Muhammadi Nihari House

  • Beef
  • Mutton
  • Paya
  • Nihari
  • Chicken

Sawad by Siddique Sons

24 Hour Open Restaurants in Lahore

Another place from where you can satisfy your midnight cravings of biryani. Planning a night out with friends? Then Sawad by Siddiq Songs is perfect for early morning breakfasts. 

Why Should You Visit Sawad by Siddiq Sons?

  • The taste of food is marvellous and you will surely want to visit again after dining once. You can find all the desi food at a very reasonable price.

Speciality of Sawad by Siddiq Sons

  • Biryani
  • Karahi
  • Mutton Kunna
  • BBQ
  • Daal Chawal
  • Murgh
  • Paaey
  • Mutton Channey

Food Station Cafe

24 Hour Open Restaurants in Lahore

Craving for fast food at the eleventh hour? Well you can find all the delicious fast food at the Food Station Cafe and fulfil all your late night cravings of Pizza, Burger, Nuggets and much more. 

Why Should You Visit a Food Station Cafe?

  • If you are a die hard fan of fast food then this place is ideal for all your food cravings. 

Speciality of Food Station Cafe

  • Pizza
  • Loaded Fries
  • Hot Wings
  • Nuggets
  • Zinger Shawarma
  • Tower Burger

Al Rizwan Paratha Expert

24 Hour Open Restaurants in Lahore

Craving for some delicious Parathas late at night? Or even early morning? Al Rizwan Paratha expert is the answer for all your hankering. 

Why Should You Visit Al Rizwan Paratha Expert?

  • Talking about paratha and chai, the ultimate go to breakfast for every Pakistani. Here at Al Rizwan you will find a variety of Parathas that you have never tasted before with freshly brewed tea. 

Speciality of Al Rizwan Paratha Expert

  • Vegetable Paratha
  • Chicken Chapli kebab
  • Aloo Paratha
  • Chai

Ali Restaurant and BBQ

24 Hour Open Restaurants in Lahore

Either You want desi BBQ or fast food Ali Restaurant is the perfect place for you. Moreover, if you want a fresh and strong coffee at night this is the ideal spot for you.

Why Should You Visit Ali Restaurant and BBQ?

  • You should visit Ali Restaurant and BBQ because you can get a full meal at a very reasonable price. So whenever you are tight on budget and want to eat something good, we have got just the right spot for you.

Speciality of Ali Restaurant and BBQ

  • Burger
  • Paratha
  • Fries
  • Coffee
  • Shakes
  • BBQ

Goshi Restaurant

24 Hour Open Restaurants in Lahore

Want to try the best BBQ of Lahore? Visit Goshi Restaurant and enjoy the best BBQ or Taktak in the town.

Why Should You Visit Goshi Restaurant?

  • You should visit Goshi Restaurant to have the best BBQ at a night out. 

Speciality of Goshi Restaurant

  • BBQ
  • Takatak
  • Burger
  • Tea

Cook Nook Restaurant

24 Hour Open Restaurants in Lahore

One of the most affordable restaurants with the best taste fast food is Cook Nook. Are you broke? We’ll get a full meal for just PKR 280.

Why Should You Visit Cook Nook?

  • The price is very reasonable so it won’t hurt your pocket at all.

Speciality of Cook Nook

  • Pizza Stick
  • Burger
  • Chicken Wings
  • Vegetable Pizza

Bon Appetit!

Enjoy your favourite food any time of day or night by visiting these amazing places that provide their services 24/7. For all the night owls in Lahore these places will be open for you late at night so either you want to eat at 12 am or 4 am in the morning these places are ideal for your food cravings.

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