A Shocking 72% of Pakistani Women Smoke Cigarettes

women smoking

Startling statistics released by the Pakistan Tobacco Board have revealed a distressing annual consumption of 80 billion cigarettes nationwide. 

The concerning data has raised questions about the prevalence of female smokers, with an astonishing 72% of women in Pakistan reported to be actively smoking cigarettes.

While the statistics shed light on the scale of cigarette consumption in the country, there is currently no available data regarding the age distribution of tobacco consumers. 

The revelation of such high numbers of female smokers has sparked concern among authorities and the public alike, prompting a closer examination of the underlying reasons contributing to this trend.

In an effort to curb cigarette consumption, the Pakistan Tobacco Board officials disclosed that an 85% tax is levied on each cigarette pack, with 85% of the total tax collection allocated towards excise, regulatory, and other relevant taxes.

The revelation of the significant number of female smokers in Pakistan has become a matter of public interest, drawing attention to the urgent need for awareness campaigns and effective measures to address the issue. 

Health experts and concerned citizens are urging the government and relevant stakeholders to take immediate action to tackle the growing trend of cigarette smoking among women and its potential adverse impact on public health.

As the PAC subcommittee’s findings continue to make headlines, discussions on formulating effective tobacco control policies, implementing stricter regulations, and promoting awareness programs are expected to gain momentum. 

The public eagerly awaits further developments and initiatives to combat this pressing health concern in the country.

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