AI Criteria for Ideal Men and Women Startle Everyone

Ai criteria for ideal men and women

Do you know Artificial Intelligence has a criterion of ideal men and women? The question was asked to various AI image generators during a study. The results may astonish you. 

Bulimia Project which is an organization that raises awareness for eating disorders did the research.

All the well-known AI generators such as Dell E2, Mi Journey, and Stable Diffusion were asked to generate the image of ideal men and women. 

The image was created based on social media beauty standards. AI seemed to be biased in this regard, as all the female images appeared to be too thin whereas the male images were photoshopped versions of bodybuilders. 

The ideal beauty of men and women is very unrealistic and people go through very dangerous procedures to get that perfection these unrealistic body images are promoted everywhere on social media which causes stress, social anxiety, low self-confidence, and depression among teenagers and adolescents. 

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