Aima Baig Gets Called Out for ‘Lying’ About Co-Writing Her New Song “Funkaari”

aima baig in controversy

Hold onto your hats, folks, because the Pakistani music scene is abuzz with more controversy! The talented singer Aima Baig has found herself in hot water after her new song “Funkari” stirred up some drama. She claimed that she co-wrote the track with Shakeel Sohail, but it seems there’s more to the story.

In a recent interview, Aima spilled the beans, revealing that it took three long years to bring this song to life. She admitted being a bit scared to release a solo single, but she worked day and night on it. She even mentioned that they started writing the song during Ramadan, and it was Shakeel Sohail’s last piece.

But wait, hold the phone! Another singer, Shiraz Uppal, wasn’t about to let Aima off the hook that easily. He called her out, claiming she “misquoted” the song’s writers. According to Shiraz, he was the sole brain behind the lyrics, and Aima conveniently forgot to give him the credit he deserved.

Shiraz took to Instagram to set the record straight, making it crystal clear that Shakeel Sohail passed away six months before the song was even written. He spilled the tea, stating that Funkari was entirely his creation—written, composed, and produced by none other than Shiraz himself. According to him, Aima just swooped in to lend her vocals, and it only took her a measly three hours.

Meanwhile, as the drama unfolds, Aima’s new song “Funkari” is making waves. This soul-stirring track has not only stolen the hearts of fans but is also causing quite a stir on Twitter. Talk about trending! It seems like the song’s popularity knows no bounds.

In response to the overwhelming love and support, Aima expressed her gratitude, humbled by the incredible response Funkari received. She vowed to continue creating music that touches the hearts of her adoring fans. Well, we can’t deny that this controversy has certainly put the spotlight on her latest release.

So, dear gossip enthusiasts, keep your eyes peeled for more twists and turns in this music industry feud. Who knows what secrets will be revealed next? Stay tuned for the latest updates on the Aima Baig and Shiraz Uppal showdown!

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