Al Fatah’s Ramadan Package: Enjoy the Holiest Month with Blessings

The Holy month of Ramadan is here and we all are about to witness the blessings of Ramadan in our lives. However, at such time of inflation many people are not able to afford the basic necessity of life and therefore you have noticed many brands are offering ramadan sale so that everyone can enjoy their fast with ease. Hence, like all other brands Al Fatah is also offering Ramadan packages. Keep reading the article to know more about it.

What is Al Fatah’s Ramadan Package

The package includes following things:

Glaze Cooking Oil Pouch1 ltr
Local Desi Sugar1 kg
Basin Special Quality500 Gm
Daal Chana (IMP) Bareek500 Gm
White Chana (IMP) Bareek500 Gm
Rooh Afza Sharbat800 Ml
Tapal Danedar Pack85 Gm
Basmati Rice1 kg
Premium Zehdi Dates400 Gm

You can get all of it in just PKR 2,495. Hence if you are residing in Sialkot, Faisalabad, Islamabad and Rawalpindi you can easily order the package and save your money. Accordxing to the official website of Al Fatah they have sold almost 108 package in last 4 hours.

Note: Price and delivery will be confirmed after the placement of order and the prices may vary according to the availability of stock. 

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