Apple Vision Pro to be Launched Next Year for a Whopping Rs. 1 Million

apple vision pro

Apple is all set to launch an augmented reality headset. Apple Vision Pro looks like a Ski Goggle and it can effortlessly blend the real and digital world. 

Vision Pro is an innovation in the digital world that introduces a three-dimensional user interface that is controlled by intuitive and natural inputs that include the user’s eyes, hands, and voice commands. 

Vision Pro will give you a unique experience as it enables users to interact with the digital world in a way that makes them feel physically present in their space. 

Features of Apple Vision Pro 

Apple Vision ProFeatures
DesignThe display is Ultra high resolution with 23 million pixels
Bluetooth accessories are supported (magic keyboard, magic trackpad) for Mac connectivity
User Interface3D user interface that is controlled by natural and intuitive inputs 
App browsing through Vision OS, only by looking at them
Bluetooth accessories are supported (magic keyboard, magic trackpad) for Mac connectivity
The Downward-facing camera that captures resting hand position
Glass front and Aluminum frame with sensors, cameras, and 4K displays for both eyes
Fit and ComfortApple can proudly reflex that the gadget fits a variety of face shapes and head sizes
Battery Life2 hours
However, it can be connected to an external power source for all-day usage
A new chip called R1 is included
Apple Vision Pro Price in Pakistan$3499
PKR 998,864
Launch DateEarly 2024

The design of Vision Pro consists of an ultra-high resolution display packed with 23 million pixels. Moreover, it has custom Apple silicon in a dual-chip design that makes sure to give the best experience possible. 

You can browse the apps through Vision OS only by looking at them. The headset also supports Bluetooth accessories that include a magic keyboard and magic trackpad through which you can keep connected to your Mac. 

The downward-facing camera has the ability to capture your resting hand even if they are resting low on your body. The glass front and aluminum frame of the headset has five Sensors, 12 cameras, and a 4K display each for both eyes.

Apple further stated that Apple Vision Pro can fit a variety of face shapes and head sizes. The Vision Pro has an external battery that can last up to 2 hours or you can plug it in an external power to keep using it all day. The system includes a new chip called R1

Apple Vision Pro Price

Apple Vision Pro starts at $3499 and if we convert that into Pakistani rupee it will be around PKR 998,864.

Launch Date of Apple Vision Pro 

Apple Vision Pro is set to be launched in stores in early 2024. 

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