Appreciable Things Qatar Did While Hosting FIFA World Cup 2022

Appreciable Things Qatar Did While Hosting FIFA World Cup 2022

The national soccer squad of Qatar, the 2022 World Cup’s host nation, played Ecuador on Sunday and lost, 2-0. The tournament is a rare source of unity in a world that is so deeply divided. The five billion viewers FIFA, the world’s governing body of soccer, anticipates, will make the month-long event the most watched sporting event in history. However, this time Qatar is hosting the world cup and there are so many appreciable efforts Qatar did for all the viewers and players.

Things Qatar Did for FIFA WorldCup 2022

We can respect what Qatar has done for the 2022 World Cup:

  • The beauty of Islam is promoted through the Prophet’s sayings, which are everywhere.
  • Two days before the World Cup kicked off, Fifa declared that alcohol will not be sold in any of the eight World Cup stadiums in Qatar.
  • A barcode that introduces hadiths, Islamic principles, and a brief explanation of our faith can be found in hotel rooms.
  • They replaced the mosque muezzins and brought in those with lovely voices. For Azan, microphones are installed in stadiums.
  • A team of 2,000 individuals will be assembled by the Qatar Guest Center to appeal to Islam, and 10 mobile cars and 10 specialised tents will be made available.
  • The Ministry of Awqaf provides visitors with Islamic displays in a variety of languages.
  • For the first time in World Cup history, prayer rooms and restrooms will be accessible in stadiums.

For Qatar, all of the aforementioned factors are significant, which is why the country’s desire to host the World Cup is motivated by security as well as sportswashing.

Football and other sports help to protect the nation, according to Reiche. “visibility, sway, global affairs, national security, and a branding strategy to appeal to tourists and investors. These, in my opinion, are the main motivations, along with starting a process of economic diversification.”

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