Asim Azhar Responds to Crowd’s Remarks at Pakistan Literature Festival

Asim Azhar, the talented singer-songwriter, recently made an appearance at the Pakistan Literature Festival, where he engaged in a conversation with Yasir Hussain. However, it seems that the crowd’s remarks at the event left him somewhat riled up.

During the event, many questions were raised by the audience. While most questions were met with a warm response, Azhar appeared to be bothered by the comments made by a few individuals in the audience. He snapped back at them, saying, “Kya hogaya hai beta? IBA hee aaye ho na ya pagal khanay? Aisay na karna keh phir pooray saal zaleel hee hotay raho students se.”

It’s clear that Azhar was a bit irked by these particular comments. However, his response highlights the importance of respecting artists and public figures when they engage with their audience. Such remarks can be hurtful and affect their interaction with fans.

Despite this incident, Azhar shared his positive outlook on the current age for musicians in Pakistan. He believes that the tools and opportunities for musicians are readily available, and it’s up to individuals to gain awareness and learn how to utilize them for their benefit. This positive perspective shows his dedication to the music industry and his desire to help aspiring artists.

During the event, other questions were raised, including inquiries about shortcuts to becoming a singer and whether Babar Azam should continue as the captain of the Pakistan cricket team. These discussions added diversity to the event, reflecting the interests and concerns of the attendees.

The Pakistan Literature Festival, held in Sukkur, concluded with a grand concert featuring Asim Azhar, Saif Samejo, Wahab Bugti, Sounds of Kolachi, and ACMA the band. Thousands of attendees enjoyed this musical celebration, highlighting the importance of cultural events in bringing people together.

In conclusion, Asim Azhar’s response to the crowd’s remarks at the Pakistan Literature Festival serves as a reminder of the importance of respect and appreciation for artists. Despite the minor disruption, the event was a success, and the diverse questions and discussions added value to the gathering. It’s a testament to the vibrant cultural scene in Pakistan.

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