Azm e Rasikh 3: CPC Annual Feast Lights Up Lahore 

azm e rasik

Venue: Grand Marquee Barkat Market Lahore

Date: Tuesday, January 30, 2024 

Time: 05:00 PM UTC+05:00

The city of Lahore is set to witness an event of grandeur as the Chiniot Progressive Collaboration (CPC) prepares for its Annual Dinner, titled “Azm e Rasikh 3.” Scheduled for January 30, 2024, at The Grand Marquee Barkat Market Lahore, this initiative by CPC aims to create a vibrant platform for collaboration and camaraderie among Chiniot students studying in various universities across the city.

Venue and Ambiance

The Grand Marquee Barkat Market Lahore has been chosen as the venue for this noteworthy event. Known for its elegance and spacious setting, the venue sets the stage for an evening of celebration and meaningful interactions. The choice of venue reflects the commitment of CPC to provide an atmosphere conducive to building lasting connections among the Chiniot student community.

Background and Theme

This marks the third edition of “Azm e Rasikh,” following the success of two prior events organized by CPC in Lahore. The theme, “Azm e Rasikh,” translates to a resilient spirit, embodying the essence of determination and strength. The choice of this theme reflects the commitment of CPC to fortify bonds and empower Chiniot students in their academic journey in Lahore.

Objectives of the Event

The CPC Annual Dinner serves multiple objectives, with a primary focus on fostering collaboration among Chiniot students. The event aims to bring together over 400 students, creating a dynamic platform for networking and building connections. By providing a space for interaction, CPC envisions strengthening the sense of community and support among Chiniot students who are pursuing their academic endeavors in Lahore.

Networking Opportunities

The CPC Annual Dinner is not just a social gathering; it is a strategic initiative to create networking opportunities for Chiniot students. The diverse student body studying in various universities across Lahore will have the chance to connect, share experiences, and establish valuable contacts. Such networking opportunities are crucial for students, providing them with a supportive network that extends beyond academic boundaries.

Emphasis on Collaboration

The theme “Azm e Rasikh” emphasizes collaboration and unity. CPC recognizes the challenges faced by students studying away from their hometown and aims to create a sense of solidarity among Chiniot students in Lahore. The event serves as a testament to the spirit of collaboration that defines CPC’s mission, encouraging students to support each other in their academic journeys.

Empowering Chiniot Students

Beyond the social aspects, the CPC Annual Dinner underscores the importance of empowerment. Chiniot students often navigate the challenges of studying in a new city, and CPC seeks to empower them by providing a platform where they can share insights, seek guidance, and celebrate their achievements. The event reinforces the idea that a united community can be a powerful force in overcoming obstacles.

Community Building and Beyond

While the event primarily focuses on community building, its impact extends beyond the confines of the Annual Dinner. The connections forged during this gathering have the potential to evolve into lasting friendships, study groups, and professional collaborations. CPC recognizes the long-term benefits of a closely-knit community and envisions “Azm e Rasikh 3” as a catalyst for ongoing collaboration among Chiniot students in Lahore.

As the anticipation builds for the CPC Annual Dinner “Azm e Rasikh 3,” the event promises not only an evening of celebration but also a meaningful step towards strengthening the Chiniot student community in Lahore. Through its commitment to collaboration, empowerment, and community building, CPC sets the stage for a memorable event that resonates with the spirit of resilience and determination. This initiative goes beyond a single evening; it lays the foundation for a supportive network that will continue to empower Chiniot students throughout their academic journeys in Lahore.

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