Best Restaurants In Islamabad To Visit On Eid 2024 

best restaurants in islamabad

Eid al-Fitr is a joyous occasion, a time for celebration and sharing delicious meals and Eid desserts with loved ones. But after a month of Ramadan, the idea of cooking a grand feast might not be so appealing. Worry not, Islamabadis! This Eid, treat yourselves and your family to a memorable movie night and delicious dining experience. From traditional Pakistani dishes such as karahi, handi, and haleem to innovative global cuisines such as pasta, steak, and chow mein, Islamabad’s vibrant restaurant scene offers something for every taste and budget. 

Let’s explore some of the best restaurants in Islamabad to make your Eid al-Fitr truly special.

10 Best Restaurants in Islamabad to Visit on Eid

Let’s have a look at the best restaurants in Islamabad. These islamabad restaurants cater to the needs of everyone.

  1. Monal
  2. Deejos Cafe
  3. Atrio Cafe Grill
  4. Mindanos 
  5. Secret Sky
  6. Cafe 1969
  7. The Hangover
  8. Emen Caffe
  9. The Carnivore 
  10. Wild Mild



Eid is a time for celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with delicious food and stunning views? This year, ditch the stress of cooking and head to Islamabad’s famous Monal Restaurant. Going high on a hill, Monal offers a breathtaking view of the entire city. Imagine enjoying a delicious Eid feast – think mouthwatering Pakistani dishes or exciting new flavors – all while gazing out at the beautiful Islamabad skyline. 

Monal islamabad restaurants menu has something for everyone, so whether you’re craving a classic biryani or something more adventurous, your taste buds will be happy. Plus, the lively atmosphere creates a perfect setting for family gatherings and catching up with loved ones. Skip the hot kitchen this Eid and let Monal take care of the cooking, allowing you to focus on the joy of celebrating with your favorite people. Google resturant near me and find the nearest monal branch because monal offers best food in islamabad.

Monal Restaurant Address: Pir Sohawa, Islamabad.

Deejos Cafe

deejos cafe

While Islamabad has many fancy restaurants, Eid isn’t just about extravagance. Sometimes, a delicious and affordable option is just what you crave. Deejos Cafe is a fantastic choice for a relaxed and budget-friendly Eid meal.

Deejos Cafe offers a casual atmosphere, perfect for families with young children or those seeking a more laid-back celebration. Their menu features a variety of crowd-pleasing dishes, from pizzas and burgers to Chinese and desi favorites. Plus, their buffets are known for being delicious and easy on the wallet – a welcome relief after a month of potentially higher grocery bills.

So, if you’re looking for a tasty and affordable Eid option that won’t break the bank, Deejos Cafe is a great place to consider. While they may not have the city views of Monal, their friendly atmosphere and delicious food are sure to make your Eid celebration a success.

Deejos Cafe Address: Bhittai Road in F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.

Atrio Cafe Grill

atrio cafe and grill

For a delightful Eid celebration that blends comfort with a touch of modern, look no further than Atrio Cafe & Grill. Atrio offers a warm and inviting atmosphere ideal for a relaxed Eid gathering. Their menu caters to a variety of tastes, featuring tempting options like juicy burgers and flavorful pastas. So, this Eid, skip the cooking and treat yourselves to a delicious meal that satisfies everyone’s cravings, all under one roof at Atrio Cafe & Grill.

Atrio Cafe Grill Address: College Road near Saeed Book Bank in Jinnah Super Market, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.



Craving a fun and vibrant Eid celebration with a twist? Mindanos Restaurant might be your perfect spot! Known for its casual and modern ambiance, Mindanos offers a delightful escape from the traditional Eid scene. Located in either F-6 Markaz or Bahria Phase 7, both easily accessible locations within Islamabad, Mindanos caters to a diverse crowd. Their menu includes sizzling fajitas and cheesy pastas, ensuring there’s something delicious for everyone to enjoy on Eid.

Mindanos Address: F6 Markaz Islamabad.

Secret Sky

secret sky

Looking for a more laid-back Eid celebration with a focus on the best food in Islamabad and good company? Secret Sky is a great option! Secret Sky offers a convenient location no matter where you are in Islamabad. Their menu features a delightful mix of crowd-pleasing favorites, from juicy burgers and crispy wings to flavorful pastas and desi specialties. Plus, their extended hours (from 1 pm to 3 am) mean you can celebrate Eid at your own pace, whether you’re craving a late afternoon lunch or a late-night dinner.

Secret Sky Address: I8 and F10 Islamabad.

Cafe 1969

1969 Restaurant Islamabad

Escape the ordinary this Eid and celebrate in style at Cafe 1969. This unique restaurant isn’t just about the food; it’s a full-blown trip back to 1960s Pakistan. Step inside and be transported by the charming decor, a mesmerizing blend of vintage touches and the promise of delicious food. Founded in 2010, Cafe 1969 welcomes guests of all ages, making it the perfect spot for a memorable Eid gathering with family or friends.

Whether you choose the enchanting indoor space or the spacious outdoor area for your Eid feast, prepare to be delighted. Their diverse menu caters to a variety of cravings, and might even feature dishes inspired by the 1960s to match the theme. it’s sure to be an Eid celebration you won’t forget. If you are looking for best food in islamabad then this should be your go to place.

Cafe 1969 Address: Shakarparian, Islamabad.

The Hangover 


Cafe Hangover, located in E-11 Islamabad, can be a surprisingly good choice for a casual Eid celebration. Their menu features budget-friendly favorites like burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas, perfect for families or those seeking a laid-back gathering. While the ambiance might be a bit on the cozy side, they offer a decent variety of dishes, including Italian and Chinese options, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Reviews are mixed online, but many praise the friendly service and good value. So, if a fancy atmosphere isn’t a priority and you crave a relaxed Eid meal with good company and tasty food, Cafe Hangover might be your hidden gem.

Cafe Hangover Address: E11, Islamabad.

Emen Caffe

emen cafe

Embrace the fanciful side of Eid at Em En Cafe, Islamabad’s most Instagrammable eatery! This vibrant cafe has a wonderland of floral accents and playful pops of pink, creating a truly unique dining experience. Picture your Eid feast surrounded by beautiful rosebuds and charming floral arrangements. Their menu offers a delightful fusion of French and Italian influences, featuring delicate treats like croissants, gelato, and even rosebud-shaped cakes. 

Don’t worry, for those craving savory options, they also offer delicious pizzas and other delectable dishes. Need a breath of fresh air with your meal? Em En Cafe’s large, charming courtyard provides a picturesque setting nestled among rose arbors, perfect for enjoying the Eid spirit with loved ones. So ditch the ordinary and capture picture-perfect memories this Eid at Em En Cafe – a guaranteed recipe for a whimsical and delicious celebration.

Caffe Emen Address: F6 Markaz, Islamabad.

The Carnivore

the carnivore

Meat lovers, rejoice! The Carnivore Restaurant in F-6 Markaz is your Eid dream come true. This Islamabad staple elevates traditional Pakistani cuisine with a unique focus on slow-roasted meats. Featuring dishes like melt-in-your-mouth lamb neck, juicy lamb ribs, or delicious beef brisket – each bursting with flavor and cooked to perfection with garlic and zesty sauces. 

These visually stunning platters (around 400-500 grams) are sure to impress your Eid guests. Don’t worry if you prefer a balanced meal; refreshing yogurt dips and fresh herbs offer a delightful counterpoint to the rich flavors. The Carnivore has a modern and stylish ambiance, but for a more relaxed option, their takeaway service lets you enjoy your Eid food at home. So ditch the traditional cooking and embrace a truly carnivorous Eid celebration at The Carnivore – a guaranteed experience that will tantalise your taste buds. This islamabad best restaurants is a haven for meat lovers. 

The Carnivore Address: F6 markaz, Islamabad. 

Wild Mild

wild mild

Escape the eid rush and find tranquility at Wild Mild this Eid because this is islamabad best restaurants. situated in the calming greenery, this unique cafe offers a peaceful escape from the city’s usual buzz. Imagine enjoying your Eid surrounded by nature’s serenity – a perfect setting for a relaxed gathering with loved ones. Don’t expect a traditional Eid spread, but Wild Mild’s menu caters to diverse cravings with refreshing beverages, light bites like sandwiches and pastries, all prepared with a focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients. Plus, their budget-friendly prices make it a great option for families or those seeking a casual Eid celebration. So, if a peaceful escape with delicious yet simple fare is your ideal Eid celebration, look no further than Wild Mild – a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Wild Mild Address: E-7, Pirsohawa, Islamabad.

Enjoy Your Eid Like Never Before!

Eid is a time for celebration, delicious food, and spending quality time with loved ones, so enjoy with your friends and family.

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