CDA Begins Fencing Margalla Hills National Park to Prevent Its Pristine Beauty

CDA's Swift Action Preserves the Pristine Beauty of Margalla Hills National Park

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started a project to put up fences around Margalla Hills National Park. This is a great effort to protect the park for future generations. The CDA is working very hard and at a rapid pace to finish the fencing while keeping the park’s beauty intact.

Margalla Hills National Park is a beautiful place near Islamabad where many different kinds of animals and plants live. It is a peaceful spot for people who love nature. But the place was never fenced, which eventually is the reason for some security issues.

To solve this problem, the CDA decided to act fast. They started building a strong fence around the entire park to keep it safe. The CDA team is working very hard to finish the project and making sure they do it safely without harming the environment.

The CDA’s dedication to finishing the project quickly shows how much they care about protecting the environment. Every day, the park is becoming more secure against any dangers, and people and nature can live together peacefully.

During this project, the CDA asks people to help and support their important work. It’s everyone’s responsibility to respect and protect Margalla Hills National Park, which is a precious part of our country.

We should appreciate and praise the Capital Development Authority for its efforts to protect Margalla Hills National Park. Their strong determination to safeguard this special place shows that they are responsible caretakers. With the park’s boundaries secured, Pakistan takes a big step towards preserving its natural heritage and keeping its promise to take care of the environment.

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