A List of Top 10 Airlines Providing Cheap Flights in Pakistan

cheap flights in pakistan

Planning to travel outside Pakistan? Thinking about the flight rates? Well, not each flight will cost you a fortune and there are many options from which you can choose. Also, since technology is advanced now everyone wants a quicker means of transportation and planes are one of the most secure means of transportation. Although business space flights are in progress these days. In conclusion, air travel is one of the speedy forms of transportation between nations. In this article, we will tell you about various airlines from where you can book a ticket and travel easily from Pakistan to any other country in the world. 

Top 10 Airlines Providing Cheap Flights in Pakistan

Here is the list of Airlines providing cheap flights in Pakistan:

  • PIA
  • Air Blue
  • Emirates
  • Qatar Airways
  • Fly Dubai
  • Serene Air
  • Air Sial
  • Air Arabia
  • Gulf Air
  • Saudia


cheap flights in pakistan

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) was developed by the end of British Raj and the partition of Pakistan from India. After the partition the country needed a airline for travelling outside Pakistan and travelling to Jeddah is the main focus of elderly people because of religious duties. Now PIA has completed 76 years of its operation to various destinations from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Sialkot, and Multan.

PIA has following class of Travel:

  • Economic Class
  • Business Class
  • Executive Economy Class

The economic class ticket from Pakistan to Dubai in PIA will cost you minimally around PKR 76,000.

Air Blue

cheap flights in pakistan

Air Blue is another airline that works in and from Pakistan and it is one of the top aircraft in Pakistan. It works on both national and international flights. The carriers of AirBlue were set up in 2003 and the business activities began in 2004. AirBlue connects the 6 residential goals that are Karachi, Lahore, Rahim Yar Khan, Sialkot, and Multan with global goals that are UAE with air terminals Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Jeddah, Oman, Riyadh and late Dammam.

AirBlue has following Class of travel:

  • Value
  • Flexi
  • Xtra

The flexi class ticket from Pakistan to Dubai in AirBlue will cost you minimally around PKR 63,740. 


cheap flights in pakistan

Emirates is based in Garhoud, Dubai and it is one of the largest airlines in the Middle East.  The Emirates is the subsidiary of Emirates group, and the Emirates group is owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai. Emirates is operated in more than 150 cities across 80 countries all around the world. Emirates has nearly 300 aircrafts and a total of 45,000 employees working for them. The airline has won numerous awards throughout the year and one of the newest awards that Emirates won in 2021 was “The World Class Airline at the APEX official airline ratings” award.

Emirates has follow class of travel:

  • Economy Class
  • Premium Economy Class
  • Business Class
  • First Class

The Economy Class ticket of Emirates from Pakistan to Dubai will cost you minimally around PKR 59,609.

Qatar Airways

cheap flights in pakistan

As the name suggests Qatar Airways is the national airline of Qatar. It is one of the biggest airline carriers of the Aviation Industry. The airline flies to more than 150 destinations around the world everyday. Qatar Airways was established in 1994 and since then it has matured to become a leading force in national and international aviation. Moreover, the airline has won many accolades because of its excellent services. During COVID the Qatar Airways have received the 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating by the International Air Transport Rating Organization, Skytrax. Airline has won “Airline of the year” title numerous times. The Airline has around 150 destinations all around the world and over 200 aircrafts. Qatar Airways most notably flies to six continents such as the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Australia, America, and Europe. 

Qatar Airways has following class of travel:

  • First Class
  • Business Class
  • Economy Class

The Economy Class of Qatar Airways from Pakistan to Dubai will cost you minimally around PKR 100,000.

Fly Dubai

cheap flights in pakistan

The airline is owned by the Dubai Government and it is known for the low-cost and affordable fare. Since 2008 FlyDubai has flown passengers from all around the world to their desired destinations. You can consider FlyDubai as a sister airline of Emirates because the Government of Dubai owns both of them although they both operate independently. FlyDubai has received “ Best Low Cost Airline in the business traveller middle east” award. Due to the increasing demand FlyDubai continuously adds new destinations in its network. FlyDubai continues to make travelling easy, comfortable and affordable for you.

FlyDubai has following class of travel:

  • Economy Class
  • Business Class

The economy class of FlyDubai will cost you around PKR 49,000 from Pakistan to Dubai.

Serene Air

cheap flights in pakistan

It is a Pakistani Airline which was privately owned. The licence was granted to Serene Airline in 2016. The initial operation of the airline started with Boeing 737-400 in between Karachi to Islamabad, however now it has been expanded the fleet size to 3 that covers 6 of the domestic destinations. Serene has put a great effort in providing a comfortable travelling experience with extra leg space and soft LED lighting that gives you a comfortable and cosy feeling onboard. The airline also has overhead bins with mood lighting to give you an amazing flying experience. 

Serene Air has following class of travel:

  • Economy Class

The economy class of Serene Pakistan will cost you around PKR 61,040 from Pakistan to Dubai.

Air Sial

cheap flights in pakistan

Air Sial is working hard to become one of the leading airlines in the region. In order to be safe, efficient and customer centric the airline sustains itself through innovation and modernism. Air Sial is a licensed airline that provides passenger and cargo services nationally and internationally. The Air Sial came into existence in 2015 by the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Air Sial is committed to provide various services that are based on safety, hospitality and excellent standards. Currently Air Sial is only dealing with national flights throughout Pakistan.

Air Sial has following class of travel:

  • Economy Class

The Economy class of Air Sial from Karachi to Islamabad will cost you around PKR 20,000.

Air Arabia

cheap flights in pakistan

It is considered as the first low fare airline in the Middle East region. Air Arabia has its headquarter in Sharjah Freight Center. The Air Arabia main goal was to enhance and promote the safety, quality, and cooperation and provide the travellers a very comforting air experience. The airline has won so many awards such as “Corporate Social Responsibility Award” , “ Low Cost Carrier of the Year” etc. Also, the airline has won an award for its amazing punctuality.

Air Arabia has following class of travel:

  • Economy Class

Air Arabia will cost you around PKR 55,000 to travel from Pakistan to Muscat.

Gulf Air

cheap flights in pakistan

The national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain since 1950. Gulf Air is one of the first airlines that was established in the Middle East and operates flights from the International Headquarter at Bahrain International Airport to various cities. Gulf Air was also the official carrier of biennial Bahrain International Airshow since 2010. Recently the airline has received the award of Fastest Growing Airline in the Middle East Region. The Gulf Air flies to multiple international regions all around the world.

The Gulf Airline has following class of travel:

  • Economy Cabin
  • Falcon Golden Cabin

Gulf Air will cost you around PKR 85,000 to travel from Pakistan to Dubai.


cheap flights in pakistan

The airline was previously known as Saudi Arabian Airlines and it has emerged as a distinct global airline over the past 76 years. The Saudia airline came into existence in 1945 and came out in third position among the largest airlines in the Middle East, Saudia is preceded by Emirates and Qatar Airways. The airline is based in Jeddah and the King Abdul Aziz Airport serves as the main operational base for the airline. In its initial days the airline carried Hajj Pilgrims to Jeddah however over the decades with the advancement in technology the airline started carrying passengers to other destinations as well with proper security and safety.

The Saudia Airline has following class of travel:

  • Saudia First Suite
  • Business Class
  • Guest Class

The Saudia airline will cost you around PKR 60,000 from Pakistan to Muscat.

Lets Fly!

What are you waiting for? Lets book your flight today and travel the world. Book the cheapest flight from Pakistan to all around the world and make your travelling easier and more comfortable. Let us know in the comments below about your air experience with the airlines mentioned above.

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