Cost of Performing Hajj to be Reduced to Half Next Year for Pakistanis

hajj expenses reduced

Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Senator Muhammad Talha Mahmood, announced on Wednesday that the Hajj expenses for next year may see a substantial reduction of up to 50 percent. 

The reduction comes as a result of timely measures taken by the government to make the pilgrimage more affordable for the pilgrims.

Speaking at an event organized by the Pakistan Citizens Forum at the Islamabad Club, the minister highlighted the significance of providing affordable Hajj during times of inflation. 

He stressed that making the journey more accessible and comfortable for the pilgrims is a crucial service that the government is committed to offering.

Senator Mahmood’s efforts to ensure ease and comfort for the pilgrims throughout their spiritual journey were recognized and appreciated during the event. 

The measures taken by the government aim to alleviate the financial burden on pilgrims, making it easier for them to fulfill their religious obligation.

With the potential reduction in Hajj expenses, many aspiring pilgrims in Pakistan may find it more feasible to undertake the sacred journey. 

The minister’s dedication to this cause has been praised, as the government aims to facilitate and support citizens in their religious pursuits.

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