Cross-Border Love: Amina Ties Knot with Jodhpur Groom in Unique Online Wedding

Following the story of Seema Haider, another cross-border union has taken place between Pakistan and India. Amina, hailing from Pakistan, and Arbaaz, a resident of Jodhpur, united in matrimony through an online ‘nikah’ ceremony on Wednesday.

The significant event unfolded as ‘qazis’ conducted the nikah rituals in Jodhpur, with the bride Amina participating from Karachi, affirming her commitment with the words “Qubool hai” (I accept) thrice.

Arbaaz, an advocate, is the younger son of Jodhpur-based contractor Mohammad Afzal. The engagement was initially arranged in Karachi, but due to visa hurdles, the nikah ceremony occurred online.

Amina’s family will apply for a visa, alongside the ‘nikahnama’, to formalize the union.

In a unique twist to this special occasion, both families connected via video conferencing. The venue featured two large LED screens and laptops to bridge the geographical gap.

Arbaaz shared that such online weddings are not novel and have previously occurred, especially amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mohammad Afzal, Arbaaz’s father, explained that visa applications from the bride’s side were facing delays. In mutual agreement, they opted for the online wedding, planning to organize a smaller celebration when Amina and her family can come to Jodhpur.

Such unions are quite common in border cities like Jodhpur, where families often have relatives across the border in Pakistan. Mohammad Afzal highlighted the longstanding connections between families on both sides of the border. He shared the joy of both the bride and her family about the forthcoming visit to Jodhpur and expressed that many girls from Pakistan aspire to marry in the city due to these close ties.

As cross-border relationships continue to thrive, Amina and Arbaaz’s story stands as a proof to love transcending boundaries and the innovative ways in which unions are celebrated despite challenges.

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