Islamabad Administration Cancels Leases of Car Showrooms for Unauthorized Use of Public Parking

car showroom lose leases

In a recent development, a total of 117 car showroom offices have faced lease cancellations in different commercial zones. This action was taken due to their non-conforming use of the spaces and their unauthorized occupation of public parking areas for their commercial activities.

Authorities have identified that these car showroom offices were using the leased spaces in a manner that did not align with the intended use of the area. Additionally, they were found to be occupying public parking spaces meant for the convenience of the general public.

The decision to cancel the leases was made in order to ensure proper utilization of commercial zones and public parking areas. It is aimed at maintaining the intended purpose of these zones and providing equal access to public parking for all citizens.

This step highlights the importance of adhering to zoning regulations and utilizing commercial spaces in line with their designated purposes. It also emphasizes the significance of respecting public infrastructure and ensuring fair access to parking facilities for everyone.

The move serves as a reminder to all businesses and individuals to comply with regulations and use leased spaces responsibly, while also refraining from occupying public parking spaces for private commercial activities.

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