What is the Diabetes Friendly E-Shop of Pheeka?

Diabetes Friendly E-Shop of Pheeka


  • A Lot of people are being affected by diabetes.
  • Pheeka has launched a friendly E-Shop. 
  • The E-shop can give you solutions along with awareness. 

According to the reports in the year 2022, around 26.7% of adults were affected by diabetes. Experts are therefore alarmed due to the rise in chronic health condition. In order to be helpful “Pheeka” launched their very own diabetes-friendly E-Shop from where you can get all the information about diabetes and get delicious diabetic friendly treats.

With the awareness of diabetes, they are also offering solutions that include a wide range of healthy products that are also diabetes-friendly by Concave Naturals. The range of products includes:

  • Teas
  • Superfoods
  • Dry Fruits
  • Sugar-Free Cookies

The main aim of the E-Shop was to promote a healthy lifestyle among diabetic patients. They also help the patients by telling them how to avoid complications and recognize symptoms, and in case of diagnosis what is the best course of action.

Diabetes is a disease that can change your life to a great degree and it also impacts the lifestyle and well-being of the person affected. Diabetes occurs in a person when the body fails to produce the required amount of insulin.

It is a great initiative by Pheeka that will surely help a number of people all around Pakistan, and also help them in tackling the life changes they have to make due to the disease. 

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