Eagle-Eyed Fans Point Out Fun Fact About Wahaj Ali AKA Murtasim’s Iconic Shawl in Tere Bin

murtasim shawl

True fans of Wahaj Ali are buzzing with delight over tidbits of information straight from the actor’s mouth. Wahaj Ali himself spilled the beans that the dashing black velvet shawl he sported in the drama “Tere Bin” has a secret connection. Believe it or not, that very same shawl made its debut appearance in his very first serial “Ibadat”!

Oh yes, you heard it right! This stylish black velvet shawl has traveled through time and different roles with Wahaj Ali. Fans who have been following his journey from the beginning are absolutely loving this inside scoop. It’s like a hidden gem, a little secret that adds a touch of glamor and nostalgia to his on-screen presence.

That cozy shawl that added charm to Wahaj’s character in “Tere Bin” has a history that dates back to “Ibadat.” It’s a fun connection that only the eagle-eyed and dedicated fans could notice.

So, next time you see Wahaj Ali rocking that black velvet shawl, remember, it’s not just a piece of clothing, it’s a star on its own journey through his acting career, making appearances in different stories and leaving its mark on the hearts of fans. Now that’s some celeb gossip worth smiling about!

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