Motorcycle Diaries: Meet the Father-Daughter Duo Breaking all the Stereotypes

father daughter duo travelling in punjab by bike

Nothing compares to going on an adventure with your family and close friends. We all love to go camping, hiking, or even just out to eat with our parents, but one father-daughter team has chosen to take it a step further by riding motorcycles across the nation!

Father-Daughter Duo Roaming on Bike

By riding their motorcycle through Punjab’s rural interior in search of fascinating tales of the locals, Tahir Mehdi and his daughter Momal Tahir are defying conventional family-time norms. The father-daughter team hopes to document interesting tales of the common people from rural Sahiwal District as part of their Motorcycle Diaries on Sujaag Videos, a multi-media digital platform.

The series aims to highlight topics and groups that the mainstream media has failed to cover.

The Mehdi’s investigate Chak 12/11’s residents, their customs, and the daily routine of village life in Punjab in the first episode. All Pakistanis have applauded the duo’s proactive approach to exploring their own nation and documenting its beauty through a new lens. 

Check out their series to see all the episodes:

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