Get Pharmaceutical Products, Lab Services, and Teleconsultations at FoodPanda

Get Pharmaceutical Products, Lab Services, and Teleconsultations at FoodPanda


  • FoodPanda added pharmaceutical products, lab services, and teleconsultations to the app.
  • The main aim was to make the life of customers easier. 
  • Very first app to provide such services in Pakistan

It’s been quite a time since FoodPanda has made life easier for all of us. If you ever feel hungry all you have to do is open the app and order everything you are craving for from FoodPanda. However, FoodPanda is trying to make the life of its customers and users much easier by adding Pharmaceutical products, teleconsultations and lab services to its customers. 

Users can now get lab services that include blood tests, x-rays and much more with the app. The new category of Health and Wellness will allow users to get 24/7 consultation from various known doctors, dieticians, psychologists and psychiatrists. It is a first of its kind service that has never been delivered on any platform before. 

According to the Managing director and Chief Executive officer of Foodpanda:

“It gives us immense pleasure to add to our list of ‘firsts’ with the new suite of digital solutions now available on our app. Embracing innovation and the adoption of new technologies has always been the cornerstone of food panda’s commitment to elevating the quality of its service. We are extremely excited to have new products and services on board that will prove useful to millions of satisfied customers across the nation.”

Users from Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi can use food panda to order medicines from various hospitals and pharmacies. The medicine will be delivered to them within half an hour and that too with discounted prices.

The decision was taken by considering the healthcare system of Pakistan, as many Pakistanis still lack adequate healthcare due to the shortage of doctors in their vicinity. According to the surveys for every doctor there are 100 patients who need care. The addition to the FoodPanda app will help people who are in need of health care services. The app is empowering the people of Pakistan by giving them the control of their own health.

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