Good News for Pakistanis: Saudi Arabia Announces E-Visa for Travellers From Pakistan

In a major development, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry has launched electronic visas (e-visas) in twelve countries, with Pakistan being one of the fortunate recipients. The announcement was officially made by the Saudi General Aviation Authority. The new e-visa issuance system incorporates QR codes for enhanced efficiency.

The implementation of this modern e-visa system is now operational at Saudi missions in the following countries: Pakistan, Turkey, Morocco, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Philippines, Indonesia, and Egypt.

This initiative reflects Saudi Arabia’s commitment to improving and simplifying visa processes, aiming to provide better services at their consular offices. The country seeks to update its visa issuance procedures for various purposes, including work, residency, and visits.

Recent efforts have seen Saudi Arabia making visa rules more flexible and refining its visa procedures to encourage more tourists and international businesses to explore the country’s opportunities.

Moreover, there are discussions about a potential unified visa system among the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, similar to the well-known Schengen model.

Saudi Arabia’s move towards electronic visas marks a step forward in modernizing its visa procedures, making it easier for travelers from multiple countries, including Pakistan, to visit and experience the rich culture and opportunities the kingdom has to offer.

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