7 Good Things That Happened in Pakistan on August 24, 2022

good things that happened in pakistan on september 13 2022

A little effort from our side to spread the positive image of Pakistan around the world. In this article we have discussed some of the good things that have happened in Pakistan on August 24, 2022. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is slowly and gradually doing wonders around the world. Without any further due, let’s dig up into the content.

Nabaa Naveed Becomes the First Pakistani International Student to get Selected for CRISP Cancer Research Program

According to Nabaa Naveed it is her first professional research experience as an international student, as she was accepted in the CRISP program. She is working in the Alexander Lab where the primary focus is on neuromuscular problems. Whereas, she has been mentored by Dr Matthew Alexander himself. The research focus of Nabba is on the FKRP gene and two devastating and rare diseases/mutations known as LGMD21 (limb girdle muscular dystrophy) and WWS (Walker Warburg Syndrome), both of which have no known cure. This was certainly an experience worth experiencing for Nabaa. It is a proud moment for Pakistan that Nabaa is working on such a great project that can save lives in future.

Inauguration of the ITCN Asia 2022 Exhibition at Karachi Expo Center

Federal Minister for IT and Telecom Syed Amin Ul Haque inaugurated the ITCN Asia 2022 exhibition at Karachi Expo Center on Wednesday. The exhibition with the slogan “IT & Telecom Show” will serve as a platform for the promotion of information technology and guidance to youth in the country. Syed Amin ul Haq, Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunications, cut the ribbon to kick off the three-day show.

Aisha Moriani, Additional Secretary IT and Telecom, representatives from IT and Telecom firms, Ministry of IT and Telecom officials, and representatives from relevant organizations were also present. Around 500 companies set up stalls at the exhibition to showcase solutions for various important fields of the IT and Telecom sector. Ali Hassnain Becomes first and only Pakistani to receive @nationaltheatre UK award for “BEST ACTOR” in Foreign Language Film category in the Artists in Quarantine Challenge

Webx and Paymob Ready to Launch Webx Pay in Pakistan

In order to introduce Webx Pay, a payment service that will seamlessly integrate with online retailers on Webx Ecommerce, the Pakistan-based e-commerce platform Webx Ecommerce has teamed with Paymob, the omnichannel payments gateway in the MENAP region.

By providing immediate access to full payment services to process payments through digital wallets, credit cards, or bank transfers, Webx Pay, powered by Paymob, guarantees to dramatically reduce the merchant’s payment setup time. Through this collaboration, online merchants in Pakistan can start accepting payments right away after setting up their online storefronts on Webx Ecommerce.

CDA Chairman has Inaugurated a New Hiking Trail in Islamabad

In Islamabad’s Margalla Hills, the Capital Development Authority (CDAEnvironmentWing )’s opened a brand-new hiking trail for hikers and tourists. Trail 7 was officially opened by Capt. Mohammad Usman Younis. It begins in sector C-12 and ends in Kanthla village. Speaking at the event, he declared that beautifying and greening Islamabad was his main priority.

He also looked over the Margalla Avenue project, which is now under development from G.T. Road to sector D-12, and gave the relevant formations instructions to finish the work as quickly as feasible. He added that there would be no tolerance for delays in the timely completion of ongoing development projects.

Mohammad Rizwan Promotes Education by Providing Scholarships to 100,000 Students

Mohammad Rizwan, the outstanding wicketkeeper batter and one of Pakistan’s most adored cricketers, has established a scholarship programme for up to 100,000 meritorious Matric and Intermediate students nationwide.

Meta Acquired “Presize” – AI Based Company of a NUST Graduate

An AI-based firm called Presize.ai was established in 2019 by NUST alumnus Awais Shafique. The Silicon Valley giant Meta recently made a breakthrough by buying the artificial intelligence company. Awais will oversee his company’s participation in Meta as the project manager.

While purchasing online, it enables customers to use mobile body scanning technology to identify the appropriate size of customers. It determines the correct size based on a smartphone video of their bodies. As a result, it can be considered software for e-commerce and fashion users that recommends sizes. It is the best body measurement programme available, and it can be downloaded and used on a mobile device. Presize makes use of recent advancements in deep learning and computer vision.

US Firm Bought Pakistani Firm “Cloudways” for $350m

DigitalOcean Holdings Inc., a corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange, will pay $350 million in cash to acquire Cloudways, a Pakistani company that offers cloud hosting and software as a service (SaaS) facilities to small and medium-sized organizations.

For particular small and medium-sized enterprises wishing to outsource their on-ramp to the internet, Cloudways offers straightforward on-boarding and day-to-day management. The company assists such organizations in offloading the challenges of cloud infrastructure so they may focus more on managing and growing their operations.

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