Governor Kamran Tessori’s Bold Move: Free Bikes, Phones, and Health Insurance for Karachi Citizens

"Free Bikes, Phones, and Health Insurance: Governor Tessori's Generous Initiative for Karachi Citizens"

In a groundbreaking move aimed at aiding victims of street crimes in Karachi, Governor Sindh Kamran Tessori has unveiled a plan to provide free motorbikes and mobile phones to those affected. The announcement comes in response to the alarming surge in motorcycle thefts, with more than 1,700 reported incidents in Karachi last year alone.

To avail themselves of the new bikes and phones, individuals who have fallen victim to street crimes are required to present their original Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) and First Information Reports (FIRs) at the Governor House. Governor Tessori emphasized the importance of collective efforts in addressing national issues, underlining the need for citizens to play an active role in these initiatives.

In addition to the free bikes and phones, Governor Tessori has also introduced a health insurance program, offering citizens free medical treatment of up to Rs. 500,000 for themselves and their families. The governor stressed that this initiative is accessible to everyone who meets the specified requirements.

Governor Tessori, keen on fostering a sense of community and support, highlighted his commitment to public welfare since taking office. He asserted that his approach does not involve seeking anything in return for favors, emphasizing transparency and accountability.

Moreover, the Governor announced other initiatives, such as the provision of free ration and iftar for over 500,000 individuals at the Governor House. This multifaceted approach aims to address various aspects of citizens’ lives, providing not only tangible assets like bikes and phones but also essential services and support.

Governor Tessori’s vision extends beyond immediate relief, with plans to equip citizens with modern skills through free IT courses. The preparation for these courses is in its final stages, promising to empower individuals with valuable skills for the contemporary job market.

In summary, Governor Kamran Tessori’s comprehensive plan reflects a commitment to the well-being of Karachi citizens. The provision of free bikes and phones, coupled with health insurance and educational initiatives, demonstrates a holistic approach to addressing the challenges faced by the community. The governor’s emphasis on transparency, community engagement, and skill development marks a significant step toward creating a more resilient and empowered Karachi.

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