Greece Boat Tragedy Takes a New Turn as Ringleader Gets Arrested From Gujrat

greece boat tragedy

The ringleader of the Greece boat tragedy, Muhammad Saleem Sanyara, has been apprehended by the Human Trafficking Wing of the FIA in Gujrat, as confirmed by an FIA spokesperson. 

Saleem, brother of the main suspect Asif Sanyara in the boat accident, was involved in the illegal transportation of numerous Pakistanis to Europe and other countries, amassing millions of rupees in the process. 

The FIA Gujarat Circle had registered nine cases against Saleem.

To facilitate his brother’s activities, Saleem would send money through hundi/hawala channels. Following the boat accident, Saleem went into hiding but was ultimately captured through the use of advanced technology.

Asif Sanyara, currently located in Libya, is known to have established multiple safe houses in the region. The investigation into Saleem’s actions remains ongoing.

In a separate incident, the FIA Immigration offloaded a passenger from flight PK 783 at Karachi Airport for attempting to travel to Canada using a forged visit visa.

Initial investigations revealed that the passenger had obtained the visa by transferring Rs. 2 million online to agents involved in the forgery. 

The FIA promptly arrested agents Fayaz Hussain and Salik Sharif based on the passenger’s identification.

The FIA continues to work diligently in combating human trafficking and ensuring the integrity of immigration procedures, striving to maintain the safety and security of individuals seeking legitimate travel opportunities.

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