Here’s When Romaisa Khan and Aashir Wajahat’s Movie Will be Released

romaisa khan debut movie

Get ready for some sizzling gossip from the Pakistani entertainment industry! Up-and-coming actors Aashir Wajahat and Romaisa Khan are about to make waves with their highly anticipated project, “John,” hitting the silver screen on July 14.

Romaisa Khan, the TikTok sensation and social media star, and Aashir Wajahat, son of renowned director Wajahat Rauf, are all set to make their grand debut on the big screen. Word has it that they have put in countless hours of hard work to create a cinematic masterpiece that captures the essence of the younger generation.

The movie revolves around the life of John, played by the talented Aashir Wajahat, who starts off as a humble garbage collector but soon finds himself entangled in a web of crime after getting mixed up with the wrong crowd. And who better to steal John’s heart than the gorgeous Romaisa Khan, who plays his love interest in the film?

The captivating story is penned by none other than Babar Ali, who is not only the director but also the co-producer of the film. Fiza Khanum takes the production reins, ensuring that every aspect of the movie is a visual treat.

But that’s not all! “John” boasts an ensemble cast that includes the likes of Saleem Mairaj, Faiza Gilani, Rashid Farooqui, Mohammad Ehteshamuddin, Tabish Mughal, and Raza Samo. With such a talented lineup, this film promises to keep us glued to our seats.

Romaisa Khan recently spilled the beans about the challenges they faced during production. Shooting on real locations without fancy sets was definitely a test of their skills. 

Despite the constraints, Romaisa believes that the experience was worth it and taught her valuable lessons about patience and handling life’s curveballs.

Aashir Wajahat chimed in, sharing that although it was challenging, shooting the film for long hours every day was a fun experience. They only realized the true essence of what they were creating when they saw some of the footage.

So mark your calendars, guys, because “John” is set to take the Pakistani film industry by storm. Get ready for an intense and captivating cinematic experience delivered by these talented new faces. It’s gossip worth sharing!

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