Hira Mani Gets Candid About Constant Trolling She Gets to Face

Actress Hira Mani, known for her controversial statements, got candid in a recent interview, opening up about online trolling, feminism, and speaking her mind. 

This candid conversation reveals how she has learned to be more cautious about her words after facing severe backlash from social media trolls.

Hira has had her fair share of social media drama in the past, making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Her remarks on women’s issues, especially the sensitive Dua Zehra case involving child marriage and possible abduction, stirred up controversy. 

However, she later apologized, admitting her lack of awareness about the situation, thanks to the relentless trolling.

But it seems like Hira has evolved and grown wiser in the era of social media. She now believes in thinking before speaking, a lesson learned the hard way from her experiences with online controversies. 

In an exclusive interview with Arab News, she gracefully admitted that one should consider the consequences of their words before unleashing them into the digital world.

When it comes to feminism, the feisty ‘Do Bol’ actress has some interesting insights. For Hira, feminism goes beyond mere lip service. 

She believes in supporting and guiding newcomers in the industry, especially women, by sharing her knowledge and experiences. According to her, it’s not enough to claim feminism; one’s actions and behavior should align with that belief.

So, it seems like Hira Mani is turning a new leaf, taking a more thoughtful approach to her public image. Will her newfound wisdom help her avoid further controversies? Only time will tell, but for now, let’s see how she navigates the tricky waters of social media and the ever-vocal audience hungry for juicy gossip. 

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