Historic First International Flight to Land in Skardu on 14 August

skardu airport first international flight

Skardu Airport, located in Gilgit-Baltistan, is all set to witness a historic event on 14 August as it gears up to welcome its first-ever international flight arriving from Dubai.

Skardu Airport holds a unique distinction among airports in northern Pakistan. It is the only airport in the region capable of accommodating large aircraft, as the runways of both Gilgit and Chitral airports are too short for such flights.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan designated Skardu Airport as an “International Airport” back in December 2021. However, due to the lack of proper refueling facilities, international flights were unable to operate from there.

Now, authorities have made necessary arrangements to fulfill the fuel requirements for international flights, raising hopes for the airport to finally welcome its first international flight on 14 August.

Last month, Skardu Airport showcased its increasing importance in the region’s tourism sector. It successfully connected with major cities across Pakistan through at least 12 Airbus A320 flights, hinting at a potential surge in tourism.

In related news, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has clarified that travelers do not require a polio vaccination card for air travel. The public has been urged to stay vigilant against fake online offers promising to provide such cards.

A spokesperson from the CAA emphasized that travelers should ignore any claims from individuals posing as airline representatives. Instead, they should directly inquire with the airline of their destination country about their health policies, especially regarding polio vaccination requirements.

With these developments, Skardu Airport is poised to become a significant gateway for international travel, boosting tourism and connectivity in the northern regions of Pakistan.

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