How to Activate Ufone 4G Service in Pakistan: Step-by-Step Guide

ufone 4g services

Everyone is craving fast downloading and better internet speed, and in such time, the 4G can help you a great deal. Ufone has quietly rolled the 4G services in various areas of Pakistan

You might be eligible for 4G data by your cellular network and to check and activate the 4G you need to pass through some of the steps. Read the article to check the availability of 4G in your area. 

Steps to Activate Ufone 4G Services (2023)

In order to activate the 4G service on your Ufone network, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1

First of all, you need to check whether your device is ready for the 4G services or not. For this, you need to dial *4# from your Ufone network. You will receive a message with the following information.

  • Ufone LTE/4G enabled SIM.
  • LTE/4G compatible handset.
  • Ufone LTE/4G service coverage in your area

Step 2

If you have an older Ufone SIM, you might need to upgrade it to a 4G SIM. To upgrade it to a 4G SIM, you need to visit the nearest franchise and request an upgrade. You might have to take your original CNIC with you and complete the necessary documentation.

Step 3

Make sure your account is fully charged to activate the 4G services because if you have insufficient balance, you might not be able to activate the 4G. 

Step 4

Another important step is enabling 4G on your device after upgrading your SIM to 4G. Go to the Settings of your device, then select Mobile Networks/ Cellular Networks, and from there, enable 4G or LTE mode.

Step 5 

At this point, your device will automatically select the Ufone network, or you can also manually select the Ufone 4G from the networks available. 

Step 6

Now you need to restart your device as it will allow your device to connect to 4G. After restarting your device, check the network indicator where you will see “4G” or “LTE,” which indicates the device status bar.

Note: If you are still facing any issues regarding the activation or connectivity, then call the helpline and share your issue with them.

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