ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022: Schedule and Venues

ICC women's cricket world cup schedule 2022 schedule and venues

The ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022 is a mega event where we will see talented female cricketers from 8 different countries.

A total of 31 matches will take place from 4th March to 3rd April, 2022 in New Zealand. For details about the schedule, teams, and the tournament format, read till the end. 

ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022

The first match of the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022 will be played in Mount Maunganui (New Zealand) on 4th March. New Zealand is hosting the Women’s Cricket World Cup this year, therefore all the matches will take place in New Zealand. 

Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022: Schedule

Details of the timings, venues, and teams are mentioned below:

1New Zealand vs. West Indies01:00 GMT4th MarchMount Maunganui (New Zealand)
2Bangladesh v South Africa22:00 GMT5th MarchDunedin (New Zealand)
3Australia vs. England 01:00 GMT5th MarchHamilton (New Zealand)
4Pakistan vs. India01:00 GMT6th MarchMount Maunganui (New Zealand)
5New Zealand vs. Bangladesh22:00 GMT7th MarchDunedin (New Zealand)
6Australia vs. Pakistan01:00 GMT8th MarchMount Maunganui (New Zealand)
7West Indies vs. England22:00 GMT9th MarchDunedin (New Zealand)
8New Zealand vs. India01:00 GMT10th MarchHamilton (New Zealand)
9Pakistan vs. South Africa01:00 GMT11th MarchMount Maunganui (New Zealand)
10West Indies vs. India01:00 GMT12th MarchHamilton (New Zealand)
11New Zealand vs. Australia22:00 GMT13th MarchWellington (New Zealand)
12Pakistan vs. Bangladesh22:00 GMT14th MarchHamilton (New Zealand)
13South Africa vs. England01:00 GMT14th MarchMount Maunganui (New Zealand)
14Australia vs. West Indies22:00 GMT15th MarchWellington (New Zealand)
15England vs. India01:00 GMT16th MarchMount Maunganui (New Zealand)
16New Zealand vs. South Africa01:00 GMT17th MarchHamilton (New Zealand)
17Bangladesh vs. West Indies22:00 GMT18th MarchMount Maunganui (New Zealand)
18India vs. Australia01:00 GMT19th MarchAuckland (New Zealand)
19New Zealand vs. England22:00 GMT20th MarchAuckland (New Zealand)
20West Indies vs. Pakistan01:00 GMT21st MarchHamilton (New Zealand)
21South Africa vs. Australia22:00 GMT22nd MarchWellington (New Zealand)
22India vs. Bangladesh01:00 GMT22nd MarchHamilton (New Zealand)
23South Africa vs. West Indies22:00 GMT24th MarchWellington (New Zealand)
24England vs. Pakistan01:00 GMT24th MarchChristchurch (New Zealand)
25Bangladesh vs. Australia22:00 GMT25th MarchWellington (New Zealand)
26New Zealand vs. Pakistan22:00 GMT26th MarchChristchurch (New Zealand)
27England vs. Bangladesh22:00 GMT27th MarchWellington (New Zealand)
28India vs. South Africa02:00 BST27th MarchChristchurch (New Zealand)
29First semi-final23:00 GMT30th MarchWellington (New Zealand)
30Second semi-final02:00 BST31st MarchChristchurch (New Zealand)
31Final02:00 BST3rd AprilChristchurch (New Zealand)

Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022: Teams

A total of 8 teams will be seen competing for the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022 title. The list of the teams is mentioned below: 

  1. India
  2. Pakistan 
  3. Australia
  4. England
  5. South Africa
  6. Bangladesh
  7. New Zealand
  8. West Indies

Pakistan, Bangladesh, and West Indies made it in the list based on their ODI Team Rankings. As New Zealand is hosting the tournament, therefore, they automatically got selected for the matches. 

On the other hand, Australia, South Africa, England, and India, qualified for the tournament based on their ICC Women’s Championship 2017-20 ranking. 

Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022: Format

In the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022, each team will compete with all the other teams once. The top 4 teams among the 8 will compete in the semifinals. 

The winners from the semifinal round will come face to face in the final match held on 3rd April 2022. 

Mark Your Calendars!! 

Mark your calenders for the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022 that will showcase talented women from 8 different countries. The tournament is a source of inspiration for aspiring female cricketers around the globe. 

After the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2021 qualifier was postponed due to the pandemic, the 2022 tournament will hopefully bring new energy and opportunities to women in cricket. 

Don’t forget to tune in to the World Cup 2022 starting from 4th March, to support your favorite team! 

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