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iftar buffet peshawar

The city of Peshawar has a rich culture and heritage and is also known for its vibrant food scene. You can find a vast variety of delicious dishes and street food in Peshawar. Moreover, the people of peshawar are known for their generosity and hospitality because the city has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Iftar in Peshawar is like a dream come true for a foodie person hence you should surely experience iftar there once in your lifetime. Many restaurants are offering amazing iftar buffets from where you can eat whatever you want at reasonable prices.

List of Iftar Buffets in Peshawar 2023

Iftar Buffet in PeshawarIftar BuffetAddressContact Information
Serena HotelPKR 3,199+ TaxKhyber Rd, Peshawar Golf Club, Peshawar.091 111133133
Shiraz RestaurantPKR 2,530Main University Road, Abdara Chowk, near Kuwait Hospital, Peshawar.091 5702019
Shelton’s RezidorPKR 2,650Opposite Total Parco University Road, Peshawar.091 5701201
Monal RestaurantPKR 2,990+ TaxMonal Square; Adjacent Peshawar Services Club, Sahibzada Gul Road, Peshawar.091 7242224
Haleem GharPKR 1,350+ TaxSaddar, Peshawar.
091 5273742
BB.Q TonightPKR 2,195+ TaxUniversity Town, Peshawar.091 5700513
De KitchenPKR 1,795+ Tax20-A, Old Jamrud Road, University town, Peshawar. 0334 4444767
Destination HeritagePKR 2,499+ TaxSaddar Road, Cantt, Peshawar.0315 2775555
Golden Gate Steak HousePKR 1400+ Tax32-A, Old Jamrud Road near Al-Sayed pharmacy, main university town, Peshawar.091 3060358
The Spice ClubPKR 800Corporation Colony, Main Dalazak Road, Peshawar.0314 9028822

Serena Hotel

iftar buffet peshawar

Serena Hotel is a luxury hotel which is present in various cities of Pakistan and other countries. The hotel has a range of facilities and amenities such as spacious rooms, suites, dining options, fitness centre, swimming pool, spa , conference, events, spaces and much more. Apart from these things the hotel has very talented chefs who can make your iftar memorable with their unique blend of taste hence trying their iftar buffet will be worthy of all the money you will spend on iftar.

Iftar Buffet: PKR 3,199 + Tax

Address of Serena Hotel Peshawar: Khyber Rd, Peshawar Golf Club, Peshawar.

Contact number of Serena Hotel Peshawar: 091 111133133

Shiraz Restaurant

iftar buffet peshawar

You will surely find Shiraz in many cities of Pakistan as it is one of the finest dining restaurants in Pakistan. Shiraz has a great ambiance atmosphere that will surely enhance the flavours of the food. They have super professional staff who can cater all your orders and amazing chefs who can cook delicious iftar for you. The Iftar buffet includes more than 30 items in the main course in addition to the traditional iftar snacks. 

Iftar Buffet: PKR 2,530

Address of Shiraz Restaurant Peshawar: Main University Road, Abdara Chowk, near to Kuwait Hospital, Peshawar.

Contact Number of Shiraz Restaurant Peshawar: 091 5702019

Shelton’s Rezidor 

iftar buffet peshawar

Another place to have scrumpalicious iftar is at Shelton’s Rezidor Peshawar. The ambiance is 10 on 10 and the staff is very cooperative. The iftar dinner buffet has more than 50 plus items that can surely satisfy all your food cravings. Moreover, you will get a live station for BBQ on the rooftop. It will surely be a memorable evening for you.

Iftar Buffet: PKR 2,650.

Address of Shelton’s Rezidor: Opposite Total Parco University Road, Peshawar.

Contact Number of Shelton’s Rezidor: 091 5701201

Monal Restaurant

iftar buffet peshawar

Monal is a fine dining restaurant known for its delicious food and luxurious ambiance. In Monal Peshawar you can experience the best iftar buffet. The Iftar buffet has more than 40 dishes that includes various desserts, beverages and much more. Moreover, they have sugar free desserts for customers who want to avoid the sugar intake. 

Iftar Buffet: PKR 2,990 + Tax.

Address of Monal Peshawar: Monal Square; Adjacent Peshawar Services Club, Sahibzada Gul Road., Peshawar.

Contact Number of Monal Peshawar: 091 7242224 

Haleem Ghar

iftar buffet peshawar

Haleem Ghar is one of the most popular restaurants in Peshawar which is famous for its haleem. In addition to  Haleem they also serve cuisines such as Karachi, Biryani, and Kebabs. The restaurant has a cosy ambiance and it is often crowded even though the place is worth the visit. They offer an iftar buffet in their family halls and serve more than 20 dishes in their iftar buffet menu.

Iftar Buffet: PKR 1,350 + GST

Address of Haleem Ghar Peshawar: Saddar, Peshawar.

Contact Number of Haleem Ghar Peshawar: 091 5273742

BBQ Tonight

iftar buffet peshawar

BBQ tonight is famous for its grilled and BBQ dishes that includes tikkas, kebabs and much more. Whereas, the restaurant also offers a variety of other Pakistani and international cuisines along with desserts and beverages. The iftar buffet at BBQ tonight includes more than 40 dishes and you can eat as much as you want till 9pm. The restaurant is worth checking out. 

Iftar Buffet: PKR 2195 + Tax

Address of BBQ Tonight Peshawar: University Town, Peshawar.

Contact Number of BBQ Tonight Peshawar: 091 5700513

De Kitchen

iftar buffet peshawar

De Kitchen is famous for its Pakistani and continental cuisines that includes steaks, BBQs, and seafood. The restaurant has a cosy and graceful ambiance in both indoor and outdoor sitting areas. Perfect to have iftar with your friends and family. Their iftar buffet includes more than 40 dishes along with desserts and beverages. Another perfect spot to have the best iftar dinner with your friends and family.

Iftar Buffet: 1,795 + Tax

Address of De Kitchen Peshawar: 20-A, Old Jamrud Road, University town, Peshawar. 

Contact Number of De KItchen Peshawar: 0334 4444767

Destination Heritage 

iftar buffet peshawar

Another place to have a big iftar buffet in a fine dining restaurant. The restaurant is known for its elegant ambiance as it is designed to showcase the cultural heritage of the city and the region that gives a unique welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant has a diverse menu and it offers a variety of options to cater the various taste buds. The place has a separate dining area for families hence you do not have to worry about privacy. The iftar buffet includes more than 50 delicious dishes to cater everyone’s craving.

Iftar Buffet: PKR 2,499 + Tax.

Address of Destination Heritage Peshawar: Saddar Road, Cantt, Peshawar.

Contact Number of Destination Heritage Peshawar: 0315 2775555

Golden Gate Steak House

iftar buffet peshawar

The restaurant is famous for its delicious steaks and other cuisines. The ambiance of the place is very refreshing as you will surely forget the tiredness of all day. The staff is very friendly and cooperative here. However, they do not have an iftar buffet but they do offer various deals during Ramadan that you can surely enjoy at iftar. The food quality, exotic taste and affordability is what makes this restaurant worth visiting.

Ramadan Deal Starts from: PKR 1400 + Tax

Address of Golden Gate Steak House Peshawar: 32-A, Old Jamrud Road near Al-Sayed pharmacy, main university town, Peshawar.

Contact Number of Golden Gate Steak House Peshawar: 091 3060358

The Spice Club

iftar buffet peshawar

It is the first buffet restaurant on Balazakh Road although the restaurant is quite new, it offers amazing iftar platters at such a reasonable price. The staff is very friendly and attentive hence you will not face any issue with the order. You can order a personal platter for you that can surely fill your tummy. Whenever you are low on the budget this place is perfect for visiting. 

Platter Price: PKR 800

Address of The Spice Club Peshawar: Corporation Colony, Main Dalazak Road, Peshawar.

Contact Number of the Spice Club Peshawar: 0314 9028822

Have a Happy and Healthy Ramadan!

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