Income Tax Filers in Karachi Can Now Get Their Electricity Bills Reduced

For the residents of Karachi, who receive their electricity from K-Electric, there’s a way to reduce their electricity bills if they are income tax filers.

According to a spokesperson from K-Electric, those who actively pay their income tax can have the advance income tax on their electricity bills removed. To qualify, the address on their bill must match the one on their CNICs (Computerized National Identity Cards). To benefit from this, consumers are advised to register on the KE website to request a waiver of advance taxes.

The spokesperson emphasized that K-Electric understands the concerns of consumers regarding the increasing electricity prices. However, the responsibility for setting the rates and taxes for electricity falls outside their control.

In response to incidents involving mistreatment of KE staff, the spokesperson made it clear that the power utility has the right to take legal action against individuals who incite the public to attack its staff.

While NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) and the Ministry of Energy have the authority to determine electricity rates, power distribution companies like KE have no say in applying taxes to electricity bills. Consumers are urged to pay their electricity bills on time to ensure uninterrupted power supply, the distributor added.

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