Indolj Denies Data Breach Amidst Hacker Claims of Leaking Data of 2 Million Pakistanis

indolj denies data breach rumor

Indolj, a tech firm, denied hackers’ assertions about exposing clients’ confidential information on the web. This claim followed unauthorized access to the restaurants’ records, as reported by ARY News.

Yesterday, news broke that hackers had filched personal details of 2.2 million Pakistani individuals from restaurants’ online databases and were offering them for sale on the internet.

CEO of Indolj, Saad Jangda, stated that there was no data leakage of any citizens from his company’s restaurant management software.

The Indolj CEO contended that the hackers’ allegations were untrue, emphasizing that the software’s database was adequately secure and devoid of citizens’ sensitive information.

Jangda further elaborated, “Nevertheless, the company is presently conducting a thorough investigation into the matter.”

The hackers had proclaimed the pilferage of confidential data pertaining to more than two million Pakistani citizens from online restaurant databases, making it available for purchase on the internet.

The hackers had purloined the personal data of over two million Pakistani citizens from the software utilized by restaurants, and they posted the records for sale on the web.

The images shared by the hackers were presented as samples for potential buyers in their advertisements. The hackers alleged to have stolen the customer database from over 250 restaurants, comprising credit card details and mobile phone numbers.

The hackers insisted on receiving two Bitcoins in exchange for the data of millions of citizens.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cybercrime Circle confirmed that no complaints had been lodged with the agency regarding the software breach. It was discovered that the hackers distributed the details to various individuals via the dark web.

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