Instagram Outage: No Your Instagram Account is Not Suspended

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Has Your Instagram Account been Suspended? Or Your Followers Have Decreased? Just yesterday Instagram caused chaos among people, some of us weren’t able to login into our accounts while others were concerned about their followers as they can see a great drop in the number of their followers.

It has been reported that because of some bug everyone was freaking out about their instagram accounts. A software flaw that prevented thousands of users from accessing Instagram for about eight hours on Monday and caused complaints of accounts being suspended has reportedly been fixed, according to Instagram.

The Meta Platforms-owned Instagram tweeted at 6 p.m on Monday, “We’ve fixed this bug now — it was causing users in different parts of the world to experience issues accessing their accounts and caused a temporary change in the number of followers for some.”

The business provided no justification for the problem. Around the time Instagram acknowledged the problem, reports on Downdetector reached over 7,000, but they have levelled off since then.

A quick glance at Ronaldo’s Instagram account showed that, although it still had 493 million followers the day before, it appeared to have lost about 3 million of those. However, the number has since risen to 493 million. More than a million people were using Instagram’s main account.

So if you are still facing any of the issues just be sure that Instagram is working to resolve the issue and there is nothing to be worried about.

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