Instagram is Also Getting a ChatGPT-Like AI Chatbot But With a Twist

instagram chatbot

AI chatbots seem to be trending these days everywhere. After ChatGPT the trend has become viral in the world. Snapchat has its own AI chatbot that can talk to you when you are feeling lonely. 

According to the reports, Instagram is also jumping on the trend of AI chatbots. Alessandro Paluzzi, who is a reverse engineer, tweeted that Instagram is developing an AI chatbot that is similar to its rivals. 

They have designed the chatbot to provide answers and offer advice. However, Instagram has added a new twist as it will allow you to choose from a pool of almost 30 different personalities. 

The chatbot will help individuals who are struggling in composing messages and the user can also include it in an ongoing conversation by mentioning it with @. However, there is no information about the specific AI tool Instagram is going to use. 

Even though Meta has not made any official announcement about the chatbot, we can see some hints in a previous statement where Mark Zuckerberg talked about the ongoing development of AI personas in Meta. 

Moreover, we can also expect to see a chatbot on WhatsApp and Messenger soon, however, there is no verified news about it.

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