“Islamabad Run With Us” Marathon Gears Up for its 4th Edition in January

islamabad run with us marathon

In a celebration of health, community, and national pride, the ‘Islamabad Run With Us’ Marathon is set to mark its 4th edition on January 28. It is organized by the Pioneer-running community of Pakistan. This eagerly anticipated event has become a cherished tradition, attracting many enthusiastic runners who have already registered for the marathon. The running community, known as ‘Islamabad Run with Us,’ has successfully organized the event annually, fostering a passion for healthy lifestyles, marathon tourism, and projecting a positive image of Pakistan globally.

During the 2022 Islamabad Marathon, the participation of President Dr Arif Alvi and First Lady Samina Alvi added a special touch to the event, with both taking part in the 10km Marathon.

Reflecting on the success and impact of the marathon, Qasim Naz, the founder of ‘Islamabad Run with Us,’ emphasized their main objective, stating, “Our main objective remains to promote healthy lifestyles, marathon tourism, and projecting a positive image of Pakistan all over the world.”

The upcoming marathon promises to follow the traditions of its predecessors, with hundreds of runners gearing up to hit the streets of Islamabad. The 2023 edition witnessed the active involvement of Jakob Linulf, the Ambassador of Denmark to Pakistan, who shared his positive views on the event. “I and my brother enjoyed the enthusiasm shown by Pakistanis of all age groups coming from different cities to participate in the marathon. It’s a great initiative by the people of Islamabad, Run with Us,” he remarked.

The ‘Islamabad Run With Us Marathon transcends being just a running event; it manifests unity, healthy living, and a positive global representation of Pakistan. As the event draws near, the anticipation and excitement among participants and organizers alike are palpable, echoing the spirit of a community dedicated to promoting well-being and showcasing the beauty of marathon tourism in Pakistan.

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