“Kahani Suno” Makes it to The World Global Charts

“Kahani Suno” Makes it to The World Global Charts


  • Kaifi Khalil’s Kahani Suno has made it to the world global charts.
  • Kahani Suno has attained 55th ranking in the Global charts.
  • Kaifi has shown gratitude on his post online. 

We all have been vibing on Kaifi Khalil’s “Kahani Suno” for days and you can hear everyone humming the song. Whereas, now we can correctly assume that the song will continue to win hearts in 2023 as well even though the track was released last year. 

The craze and love for the song has not toned down even a bit. Earlier this week Khalil on his social media account announced that “Kahani Suno” has grabbed a place in the top global music video chart on Youtube. 

On Instagram, Khalil posted the screenshot of the music video by highlighting the part where it has been shown that the song has attained 55th ranking in the global charts. With the screen shot Khalil also added a heartfelt caption to express his gratitude on reaching such a milestone.

“Thank You so much for giving my story a voice! All my love and prayers to everyone who has supported me throughout my career,” .

Kahani Suno is a tear jerking melody that has touched the souls of many heartbroken people including many famous singers such as Aima Baig so much that the singer even rendered her own version of Kahani Suno along with a music video. 

Other than Aima Baig, many other celebrities have appreciated Khalil’s music. Many celebrities have met Khalil to appreciate his talent and poster pictures with him on their official accounts. 

All of us are awestruck by the lyrics, sound, music and everything about Kahani Suno. Actors such as Ahsan Khan and Humaima Malick have posted pictures with Khalil and gave him blessings.

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