Lightning Strike Causes Devastation at Attock Police Station

Lightning Strike Causes Devastation at Attock Police Station

A lightning strike wreaked havoc at Attock Khurd police station, leaving five officers injured as the building collapsed. 

The incident occurred when a thunderstorm swept through the area. The sheer force of the lightning strike led to a station section collapsing, trapping the officers under debris.

The witnesses recounted a tense atmosphere as dark clouds gathered and lightning illuminated the sky when lightning suddenly struck the police station.

Local authorities along with rescue teams quickly responded to the scene. The injured officers were immediately transported to the hospital for urgent medical attention due to their critical condition.

Amid the chaos, parked cars within the police station premises caught fire due to the intense lightning strike. Firefighters, already on site due to the building collapse, diverted their efforts to control the vehicle fires.

Initially, due to the abrupt and severe nature of the collapse, suspicions of an explosion arose. Consequently, the bomb disposal squad was summoned to investigate the cause. However, further examination determined that the building’s collapse resulted from a direct lightning strike.

In this unfortunate incident, a thunderstorm’s wrath revealed its destructive power, leading to the collapse of the police station and causing injuries to the dedicated officers on duty.

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