List of Cinemas in Peshawar

cinemas in peshawar

Cinemas are one of the greatest forms of entertainment for all of us especially in Peshawar as you do not need to find many recreational points because they have amazing cinemas all around the city. Checking out if there’s a cinema near you in Peshawar? We’ve compiled the list of all cinemas in Peshawar, KP’s capital, for your ease.

Although the number of cinemas has reduced in Peshawar because of cinema’s declining popularity in recent years. Moreover, the revival of cinema in Peshawar also seems a challenging task because of the local culture and traditions. However, there are still some cinemas in Peshawar that are providing quality entertainment to the citizens. Read the article to see the complete list of all cinemas in Peshawar.

5 Best Cinemas in Peshawar 

Let’s have a look at the best cinemas in Peshawar. If you were searching terms like “cinemas near me in Peshawar,” you’ll get all you needed to know here in this article.

Cinemas in PeshawarAddressContact Number
Arshad CinemaPTCL Colony
Naaz CinemaHakeem Ullah Jan Road, Hashtnagri091 2210305
PAF CinemaPAF Cinema, Sahibzada Gul Road, Peshawar Cantonment
Shama CinemaSaeedabad0305 9437968
Sabrina CinemaPTCL Colony0348 4999341

Arshad Cinema 

Arshan Cinema is a local cinema in which you can watch a movie only for PKR 200. The cinema is open throughout the week and it opens at 9 am and closes at 2 am. Usually, the cinema shows only local films which are not liked by many.

The cinema has a greenroom, house lights, and a marquee. The management makes sure that the audience is enjoying the movie with comfort thanks to its use of new technology and latest sound system. 

Address of Arshad Cinema: PTCL colony, Peshawar.

Contact Number: NA

Naaz Cinema

Naaz Cinema is one of the high-rated cinemas in Peshawar. The theatre has beautiful buildings, well-cleaned theatres, and professional workers. The cinema opens late at night and has a tuck shop where you can buy snacks for movies. 

The latest technology and sound system will make the movies more thrilling and exciting for you. The improved equipment will give you an amazing experience of watching movies. 

Address of Naaz Cinema: Hakeem Ullah Jan Road, Hashtnagri, Peshawar.

Contact Number: 091 2210305

PAF Cinemas 

PAF cinemas offer 3D pictures along with amazing video and audio quality; moreover, at this time of inflation, the cinemas provide a cost-effective theatre experience to enjoy HD movies. The cinema opens at 9 am and closes at midnight. Moreover, they have such comfortable seating arrangements in which you can relax while watching the movie. 

Address of PAF Cinemas: PAF Cinema, Sahibzada Gul Road, Peshawar Cantonment, Peshawar.

Contact Number: NA

Shama Cinema

Shama Cinema provides an excellent experience to the audience with wide universal ULTRA screens and new sound technologies. However, you won’t be able to watch late-night shows as it remains open only till 12 am. The cinema also has ample parking space, hence you do not have to worry about parking. 

Address of Shama Cinema: Saeedabad, Peshawar. 

Contact Number: 0305 9437968

Sabrina Cinema 

Sabrina Cinema is a newly opened cinema in Peshawar. Although the cinema has all the latest facilities, it has only one screen hence you might need to wait for your turn. The sound system is all the latest and will give you a thrilling movie experience.

Address of Sabrina Cinema: PTCL Colony, Peshawar.

Contact Number: 0348 4999341

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