Nadra Clarifies Stand on Polio Vaccination Certificates Following CAA’s Notification

Nadra Clarifies Stand on Polio Vaccination Certificates

In a recent development, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has issued a statement clarifying its role in the issuance of Polio Vaccination Certificates. The authority confirms that it solely issues Polio Vaccination Certificates and is not involved in immigration matters.

Addressing misconceptions, NADRA stated that it has not provided any instructions to airlines regarding the verification of Polio Vaccination Certificates for travelers embarking on international journeys. The authority firmly asserts that immigration procedures fall outside of NADRA’s jurisdiction.

Instead, NADRA affirms that the authorized agency responsible for handling these procedures is the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The CAA has taken the lead in issuing guidelines and instructions for airlines regarding the verification of Polio Vaccination Certificates for passengers traveling abroad.

As the situation unfolds, it is essential for travelers to stay updated on the requirements and guidelines set forth by the relevant authorities.

The clarification from NADRA seeks to dispel any confusion among travelers, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for obtaining and verifying Polio Vaccination Certificates. With the CAA holding the reins on this aspect of international travel, passengers are encouraged to adhere to the provided guidelines to facilitate their journeys.

The issuance of clear directives by the respective authorities underscores the government’s commitment to combating polio and promoting safe travel amid the ongoing pandemic.

In light of the clarification, travelers are urged to reach out to the CAA for up-to-date information and guidance regarding Polio Vaccination Certificates and other travel-related requirements.

As the situation evolves, both NADRA and the CAA remain steadfast in their efforts to safeguard public health and facilitate seamless travel, contributing to the overall well-being of the nation.

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