New Honda CG 125 Gold: A Glimpse Into the Latest Model – Photos & First Look Review

honda cg 125 gold

Last week, Atlas Honda in Pakistan unveiled the Honda CG 125 Gold, replacing the Special Edition. This new bike features significant changes, particularly in its frame, giving it a fresh and shiny appearance. The bike comes in unique combinations of black and gold, as well as red and gold, likely to attract a specific group of fans. An interesting point to note is that the company increased its price by PKR 10,000 right after the launch, bringing it to PKR 292,900 from PKR 282,900.

Honda CG 125 Gold

Let’s take a closer look at the first impressions of the Honda CG 125 Gold.

Frame Upgrades

The main changes in the Honda CG 125 Gold are in its graphics and stickers. The company has introduced new stickers on the tank and side covers, replacing chrome with gold. Additionally, the side covers, silencer cover, and front emblem are now entirely gold. The speedometer design also received a gold upgrade, featuring a honey-combed golden design.

The indicators are transparent instead of the usual ones, providing a fresh front look. When switched on, they emit a golden hue. The side reflectors have been moved slightly lower, and the lower shocks and hubs are painted silver. Even the tip ends of wires in the bike’s wheel are now gold-colored. Essentially, the company has incorporated gold wherever possible.

Engine Enhancements

The company mentioned an increase in the engine’s compression to generate more torque and improve the bike’s pick-up. Being a special edition, this bike comes with a self-start option. You can also see its motor alongside the engine.

In summary, the Honda CG 125 Gold brings a new, striking look with its gold accents and design upgrades. The engine enhancements aim to provide improved performance, making it an appealing choice for bike enthusiasts.

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