Get Ready: Nexfest 2023 is Coming to Islamabad 

Get Ready: Nexfest 2023 is Coming to Islamabad

Image Credit: Al-Sadat Marketing

Date: 11-03-2023

Venue: Jinnah Convention Center

Want some thrill, fun, food and speed in your life? Al Sadat Marketing along with Nexperts is arranging a spectacular event called “Nexfest”. The event will surely change the definition of fun for you. Nexfest is an opportunity for you to taste new flavours along with great music in a vibrant atmosphere.

People of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have always taken part in such events with lots of passion and madness. However, organisers try their best to give the best experience to such audiences.

Nexfest 2023 in Islamabad

Mark 11th of March in your calendars and brace yourself for pure fun and entertainment. Join us at Jinnah Convention Center for this fun filled event and bring along your family and friends. It is the first ever Neon Themed event that can take you to the dazzling world of neon.

Nexfest is all about neon lights, luminous glow and much more with an atmosphere filled with joy and excitement. You will surely see a sensory overload with various sights and sounds.

What Will You Get At Nexfest?

Nexfest is an ideal event for all the foodies out there along with car lovers and music enthusiasts of the twin city. You will get everything you are expecting from this event. Either you are there for singing, eating or mingling up with new friends the atmosphere is ideal for you. So don’t miss the chance and grab all the excitement you can in this boring life.

The event is divided into two categories:

Half Vibe 

  • Online Booking will be of PKR 699
  • Onsite Booking will be of PKR 1,250

Full Vibe

  • Online Booking will be of PKR 2,000
  • Onsite Booking will be of PKR 2,500

You have two options of buying tickets according to what suits your needs.

Food Gala at Nexfest 2023 Islamabad

All the foodies out there visit the NexFest Islamabad and enjoy a variety of foods under one roof. You can enjoy traditional, street foods, and gourmet cuisines. There is something for everyone at Nexfest Islamabad. 

A variety of food from different cultures will be present at the event to satisfy your cravings. The new innovative recipes can instantly lighten up your mood. You will see various Food trucks, stalls and restaurants offering their signature dishes. With such extensive options you can spend all your evening by trying out various foods.

Auto Car Show in Nexfest 2023 Islamabad

There is an Autocar show for all the car enthusiasts since the festival is like a paradise for all the car lovers. You will appreciate the beauty and engineering of the autocars and that will be an unforgettable experience for you.

You will find all the Vintage cars, Sports Cars, Classic Cars, and luxury cars at Nexfest. Name the car you want to see and you will surely find it at the AutoCar show in Nexfest. Various car clubs from across the country are coming together to exhibit their prized possessions and all the visitors can take a close look at all the vehicles. Whereas, they can also chat with owners to know more about the history and specifications of the cars. 

Additionally, there will be many events in the festival such as drag races, car competitions and much more along with live performances and DJs to make the event more thrilling and exciting for the audiences. 

Music Fest at Nexfest 2023 Islamabad

Groove to the beats of your favourite singers, songs and artists. The starry evenings have so many things planned for you. Moreover, you will be vibing with the songs of Kaifi Khalil  who is a global sensation. Kaifi is the young and emerging talent of Pakistan who is going to perform for the fans. 

The event is an amazing opportunity for all the emerging and young talents of Pakistan. Many amazing singers will be present at the event such as:

  • Checkonetwo
  • Daud Rahat
  • Huzaifa Yasir
  • Alizeh Khan
  • Suleman Rasheed
  • Talha Khan
  • Omar 

The event has so many surprises for you. Al Sadat Marketing and Nexperts are going to host the memorable festival for you. Grab your tickets now or you can simply scan the QR code to purchase the tickets of the whichever category you want.

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