Pakistan and Italy Strengthen Cooperation to Prevent Cross-Border Crimes

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Pakistan and Italy have agreed to enhance cooperation between their interior ministries in order to implement improved strategies and measures aimed at preventing cross-border crimes. 

This understanding was reached during a meeting held between Italian Ambassador to Pakistan, Andreas Ferrarese, and Interior Minister, Rana Sanaullah Khan, in the capital city of Islamabad.

During the meeting, Rana Sanaullah emphasized the need to discourage the illegal entry of individuals into European countries, urging for the denial of shelter to such individuals and their prompt repatriation to their respective countries of origin. 

He also highlighted that this issue is actively being raised with the countries responsible for issuing visas to these individuals.

In response, the Italian Ambassador acknowledged the commendable role played by the Pakistani community residing in Italy and assured the Interior Minister of swift resolution of any visa issues faced by Pakistanis.

The strengthening of cooperation between the interior ministries of Pakistan and Italy marks a significant step towards addressing cross-border crimes, particularly illegal migration, which poses a challenge to both nations. 

By aligning their strategies and implementing joint measures, the two countries aim to effectively combat these crimes and safeguard their respective borders.

This partnership holds great importance for Pakistan as it seeks to collaborate with international counterparts to tackle the issue of illegal migration. 

The country’s commitment to discouraging illegal entry and repatriating individuals underscores its dedication to maintaining law and order, as well as promoting legal channels of migration.

Italy, on the other hand, recognizes the valuable contributions made by the Pakistani community within its borders and is keen on resolving any visa-related difficulties they may encounter. 

The assurance provided by the Italian Ambassador reflects the country’s commitment to fostering strong bilateral ties and ensuring a smooth experience for Pakistani citizens visiting or residing in Italy.

Both Pakistan and Italy are optimistic about the positive outcomes that can be achieved through this strengthened cooperation. 

By sharing expertise, intelligence, and resources, the two nations aim to create a safer environment, deter cross-border crimes, and facilitate legal migration processes.

As the collaboration between Pakistan and Italy progresses, it is expected to yield fruitful results in the fight against cross-border crimes, setting a precedent for international cooperation in addressing similar challenges around the world.

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