Pakistan Post Still the Cheapest by Far Despite Announcing Over 50% Increase in Rates

pakistan post increase rates by 50

Pakistan Post has recently announced a significant increase in its domestic and international postal rates, raising them by 50%. The decision was communicated through a notification issued by the Ministry of Communication.

As per the new rates, the cost for non-registered ordinary letters, envelopes, and aerograms has been raised. For instance, sending a 20-gram letter will now cost PKR 30, up from the previous PKR 20, and a 50-gram letter will cost PKR 60, compared to the previous PKR 38.

Moreover, rates for printed materials like pamphlets, journals, periodicals, sheets of music, maps, printed circulars, invitations, bills, greeting cards, and books (excluding textbooks) have also seen an increase. The new rate is PKR 5 per 100 grams, up from the previous PKR 2.

The upward revision has also affected parcel rates. For example, sending a 1-kilogram parcel will now cost PKR 150, an increase from the previous PKR 100, and a 3-kilogram parcel will cost PKR 270, up from the previous PKR 175.

These increased rates also apply to printed materials and parcels, including textbooks. Additionally, the rates for urgent mail services have witnessed an increment. For deliveries within cities or between Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the rates, including taxes and charges, have been increased to PKR 90 from the previous PKR 59. Moreover, sending a 500-gram parcel will cost PKR 110, with an additional PKR 45 for each additional half-kilogram.

The rate hike comes as a measure to cope with rising operational costs and to enhance postal services in the country. While the increase may impact customers’ budgets, the Pakistan Post is hopeful that it will enable them to continue providing essential postal services efficiently.

As the new rates come into effect, customers are advised to be aware of the changes and plan their postal requirements accordingly. It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan Post is easily the cheapest method to send a parcel with other options like TCS and Leopards, etc. costing way more.

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