Pakistan’s Mining Sector to be Developed by Chinese Firm

pakistan's mining sector to be developed by chinese firm

The MCC Resources Development Co Ltd (MRDL), a Chinese business engaged in the Saindak copper-cum-gold project, celebrated the conclusion of its 20-year run on Tuesday and vowed to keep working to advance Pakistan’s mining industry.

MRDL Chairman He Xuping, President Zhang Zhijun, Senior Vice President Muhammad Nawaz Khan, Vice President Humayun Mehmood, Saindak Metals Limited (SML) Managing Director Muhammad Raziq Sanjrani, and tribal elders all attended a ceremony to commemorate the occasion.

According to Mr Xuping, since 1992, Pakistan and China have collaborated to establish a non-ferrous metal mine that integrates mining, concentration, and smelting. MRDL first arrived in Sandak in 1987.

He recalled that in 2002, after the mine had been closed for a long time, Chinese and Pakistani workers had worked hard to restore the entire production process in just 11 months, as opposed to the three years required by industry standards.

The company has standardised its management over the past 20 years, adhered to cooperation agreements, and collaborated with SML on development while maintaining stability and high efficiency.

Even during the 2008 financial crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic, the project produced excellent results and improved the neighbourhood, he continued.

Over 290,000 tonnes of blister copper have been produced by the project so far, along with $2.6 billion in foreign exchange, more than $500 million paid to the lessor, more than 1,900 jobs, and $1.2 billion spent on local purchases.

Pakistan and China have been helping each other for ages in the development and betterment of their respective countries. We hope that this friendship continues and we see a better and more developed Pakistan in future.

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