PPP Lawmaker Sharmila Farooqi Wants Tere Bin to End ASAP Like All of Us

tere bin

Sharmila Farooqi is voicing the thoughts of all of the Tere Bin audience to get to the ending of the drama already. 

As she took her Instagram to write, “ Can we please fast forward to Tere Bin and get to the last episode. I am done with these absurd, drag, illogical, and unnecessary episodes” 

Tere Bin was the most loved serial among the audience and it has been gaining immense TRPs however the unnecessary exaggeration of the drama is making everyone agitated.

Recently, a controversy sparked about marital rape in the drama and people were slamming it badly due to which directors had to change the story. However, people are criticizing it because of the unnecessary drama caused by the writers.

The story revolves around the love story of Meerab and Murtasim. Meerab is a determined and lovely young girl with aspirations for further education. Her parents hold the utmost importance in her life, and she places unwavering trust in them. With her bold and self-assured nature, she actively opposes social injustices occurring in her surroundings.

In contrast, Murtasim comes from a prominent and influential family. He deeply respects and cherishes his family’s values and traditions, firmly committed to upholding their honor. He strives not to disappoint his family under any circumstances.

Everyone is now waiting for the drama to end on a good note but directors seem to be in no mood to end the drama any time soon.

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