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  • 8 Best Food Delivery Apps in Pakistan

    Have midnight hunger pangs or midday cravings? Food delivery apps are a lifesaver! Offering a variety of food options with unlimited offers, attractive discounts, and unmissable deals these delivery applications are irresistible for everyone! 

    An immensely popular and beneficial business, we see new applications pop up every day! In this article, we have listed the best food delivery apps operating in Pakistan along with their merits and demerits. 

    Best Food Delivery Apps in Pakistan

    1Foodpanda50,000,000 +4.2
    2Cheetay1,000,000 +3.8
    3Eat Mubarak5,00,000 +3.8
    4Super Meal10,000 +4.6
    5Careem Now10 Million +4.1
    6Hi Food10,000 +2.9
    7Food Genie1,000+4.2
    8Eat Oye100,000+4.4

    1. Foodpanda


    Foodpanda is by far the most popular food delivery application in Pakistan holding the highest market share. Founded in 2012 and owned by a Germany-based company Delivery Hero, Foodpanda operates across Asia from its headquarters in Singapore. Having an unlimited variety of restaurants, cafes, and fast food outlets, the options for delivery are endless. The app also has the best deals and discount offers for regular customers with new promotions popping up on a daily basis. Foodpanda now offers pick-up and delivery of groceries, cleaning supplies, and medicines. A user-friendly interface and international standard services have made this app a leader in the food delivery business. 


    Available in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and 30+ other cities in Pakistan.


    2. Cheetay


    Cheetay is a Pakistani food and grocery delivery service, founded in 2015. The company operates in 12+ cities in Pakistan. Their distinguishing feature is Sahar the full cream organic milk delivery service, which is a product by Cheetay itself. The app operates through its headquarters based in Lahore. The Lahore-centric Xoom app by Cheetay offers food from age-old, tried, and tested restaurants in old Lahore known for their scrumptious cuisine. They also offer a Tiffin service for the delivery of home-cooked meals for office-going personnel. 

    Cheetay Tiffin

    The Cheetay Pop is a game show app by the company offering customers a chance to win up to 10 Million PKR in cash prizes. You can also order medicines and supplies through this amazing Pakistani app.

    Cheetay Pop

    3. Eat Mubarak

    Eat Mubarak

    Eat Mubarak is an up-and-coming food delivery service based in Karachi. Founded in 2021 the company is slowly but surely gaining traction in the delivery market and currently has more than 3000 restaurants on board. Their super responsive customer service serves as a distinguishing feature in the competitive food delivery market.

    Eat Mubarak

    The Eat Mubarak app is now operational in Karachi. Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, and Faisalabad. 

    Eat Mubarak

    4. Super Meal


    Super Meal is a food delivery service based in the U.K. The application operates in the United Kingdom, Middle East, Ireland, and South Asia. It is now available across Pakistan with its headquarters based in Karachi. The unique working formula for Super Meal is that it offers a cash back facility for every order. In case you refer the app to your friends, you can avail the cashback facility from their order too.  

    Super Meal Cashback

    Download Super Meal to have your favorite food and earn some cash while doing so!

    Super Maeal User Rating

    5. Careem Now

    Careem Now

    Careem the car booking service has now offered a food and grocery delivery service as well. The app Careem Now allows you to choose from multiple restaurant options in your area to get your cravings satisfies instantly. With an established client base, Careem Now was the next logical step for the Dubai-based app. Offering customers the convenience of accessing the app through the pre-installed Careem rides application, the company also offers shopping, grocery, medicines, and document delivery. 

    Careem Now

    6. Hi Food 

    Hi Food

    Hi Food is a new food delivery app established in 2018. It is currently available in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Taxila, and Wah Cantt. Having a repertoire of more than 300 restaurants onboard, they offer a good variety of options for food delivery. Their services are under par currently and the processes need to be streamlined for a better future of the application.

    Hi Food

    7. Food Geniez

    Food Geniez

    FoodGeniez is a food ordering & delivery service application. The company is US-based and is now operational in Pakistan. The company offers food, grocery, and medicine delivery services. The app offers the convenience of tracking your order in real-time and having multiple payment options. It is also mindful of the safety considerations, offering contactless delivery. Having profitable deals and discounts, this is an app to look out for in 2021!

    Food Geniez PK

    8. EatOye

    Eat Oye

    EatOye is one of the oldest food delivery apps in Pakistan. Bought by Foodpanda, the app still enjoys a loyal customer base. It operates in over 20 Pakistani cities, including Karachi, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Lahore, and Peshawar.

    Eat Oye

    Eat Oye offers the option of ordering food for delivery or booking a table at a restaurant. It enables you to discover eat-outs in new locales and rate restaurants based on your experience. Their order tracking facility plus the discounts, promotions, and deals available on the app have garnered them a loyal following. They offer secure online payment solutions for customers.

    Eat Oye

    Let’s Order Food

    These convenient apps make food ordering a breeze. Fast, efficient, and available round the clock they are the answer to all your cravings! Download these applications today for a delicious offering that is light on the pocket.

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