Punjab Hospitals Overwhelmed With 18,000 Emergency Cases for Overeating on Eid

Public hospitals across Punjab witnessed a significant influx of patients during the three-day Eid period, with an estimated 18,000 individuals seeking emergency treatment. The emergency wards were particularly crowded with patients experiencing gastrointestinal ailments and stomach pain. In Lahore, the six major hospitals admitted approximately 2,000 patients to their emergency wards during the first two days of Eid.

Among the hospitals, Mayo Hospital Lahore and Service Hospitals recorded the highest number of admissions, with 650 and 600 patients respectively. Notably, 200 of the patients at Services Hospital were children under the age of ten. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore and Mian Munshi Hospital each admitted 200 patients. The Punjab Health Department confirmed these figures through an official statement.

To address the situation, Senior Professor Dr. Masood Sheikh provided important advice to the public. He recommended incorporating lemon and yogurt into meat-based meals, particularly for individuals with heart disease, diabetes, kidney issues, and high blood pressure. Dr. Sheikh also emphasized the importance of consuming vegetables while reducing meat intake, especially during the summer season.

Alongside hospitals, pharmacies and medical stores across the city experienced a surge in visitors seeking medications to alleviate the effects of overeating during the festive period.

Zahid Chaudhry, PRO of Lahore General Hospital, highlighted that a significant number of patients with stomach pain and food poisoning were admitted during Eid, and new cases were still being reported. In the past 24 hours alone, they received approximately 100 patients.

To ensure preparedness, the Punjab Health Department had earlier advised hospitals to make necessary arrangements prior to the Eid holidays. As a result, hospital administrations were able to provide adequate facilities and care to patients throughout the three-day period. The Punjab Health Department closely monitored the hospitals’ arrangements and operations during this time to ensure effective healthcare delivery.

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