Sajal Aly Quits Much-Anticipated Fatima Jinnah Web Series

sajal aly exits from fatima jinnah web series

Filmmaker Danial K Afzal’s ambitious project about Fatima Jinnah, titled “Fatima Jinnah: Sister | Revolutionist | Stateswoman,” has been a topic of discussion for over a year.

The web series features a star-studded cast, including Sajal Aly, Samiya Mumtaz, and Sundas Farhan. The show’s 14-minute prologue, with Sajal in a central role, generated anticipation. However, the series garnered mixed reactions upon its release.

While some praised Sajal’s performance, others found her portrayal of the iconic political leader to be a “misfit.” Despite this, the director defended Sajal’s acting skills and her portrayal of the pain and anguish caused by partition. 

Surprisingly, news emerged that Sajal had “withdrawn” from the project, which the director clarified as a matter of “disassociation.”

Danial expressed that the overwhelming reaction from the public after the prologue release influenced their decision. He highlighted the significance of portraying an iconic character like Fatima Jinnah and the need for thorough preparation. Sajal’s manager confirmed her exit from the show, wishing the project the best.

Danial also confirmed finding a replacement for Sajal and expressed the intention to move forward with the project. He mentioned that the new actor would soon be announced once the contract is finalized.

The series creators are gearing up for an Independence Day release of “something important,” which includes a hauntingly beautiful Original Soundtrack (OST) revealing the show’s star cast. Although the shooting is almost complete, the release date for the series is yet to be confirmed. Danial explained the complexities of working on a historical narrative and mentioned their aim to release it on a significant date for Pakistan.

The web series, shot exclusively in Lahore and Islamabad, features not only Fatima Jinnah but also historical figures like Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, and Mahatma Gandhi. Usman Mukhtar will portray Allama Iqbal, while Sarmad Khoosat will play Mahatma Gandhi. The show also includes notable names like Amna Ilyas, Kubra Khan, and Ehteshamuddin.

Danial emphasized that the series goes beyond Fatima Jinnah’s political career, delving into her personal life and struggles. The show sheds light on her complex relationship with Quaid-e-Azam’s wife, Ruttie Jinnah, and portrays the human side of Fatima Jinnah, encompassing both her political endeavors and personal battles.

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