Samsung to Make a New Chip for Future Galaxy S Series Smartphones

Samsung to Make a New Chip for Future Galaxy S Series Smartphones

Google and Samsung are already collaborating on Google’s Tensor processors. This collaboration between Samsung and Google for the chipsets in its own smartphones has now been expanded. Samsung reportedly works with Google and AMD to create a new chip for the upcoming Galaxy S-series, according to several recent sources.

Features of the New Chipset

Two Cortex-X high-performance cores, four performance-focused cores operating at a slower clock speed, and four energy-efficient cores are reportedly included in the chipset. According to the published diagram, an AMD GPU will be built within the chipset to handle graphically demanding tasks.

For the Pixel series of smartphones, Google and Samsung have already partnered to create Google Tensor chips. Samsung produces the Tensor and Tensor G2 semiconductors that power the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series smartphones. They are essentially Exynos CPUs with added Google AI functionality.

According to recent sources, both of these businesses have already begun developing the third-generation Google Tensor SoC, which will make its debut with the Pixel 8 series of smartphones in 2019. The chip has the product number S5P9865 and supposedly goes by the codename “Ripcurrent.”

The majority of smartphone chips today are produced using the 5nm or 4nm process, but since this new chipset for the upcoming Galaxy S-series phones is anticipated to launch in a few years, it may be produced using the more advanced 3nm process. This is highly likely given that Samsung has already begun developing 3nm chips.

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