Sarmad Khoosat’s Journey of Awards and Recognition: Kamli’s Global Triumph


As we bid farewell to 2023, Pakistani director Sarmad Khoosat finds himself unwrapping another gift – the Best Director award at the DC South Asian Film Festival for his 2022 film, Kamli. This prestigious accolade adds to the film’s growing list of achievements, solidifying Khoosat’s reputation on the international cinematic stage.

The DC South Asian Film Festival, a revered cultural event in Washington, D.C., showcases the best of global alternative cinema from countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and Sri Lanka. Khoosat proudly shared the news on Instagram, posting a snapshot of the award that drew congratulations from fans and well-known figures like Sarwat Gillani, Tooba Siddiqui, and filmmaker Jawad Sharif. Even actor Omair Rana, a key member of Kamli’s cast, applauded Khoosat’s directorial prowess.

This isn’t the first time Kamli has taken the spotlight. In November, the film made waves at the Minsk International Film Festival, securing three significant awards. Saba Qamar earned the Best Actor Award, Khoosat claimed the Best Director Award, and the film itself received the Viewers’ Choice accolade at the renowned Listapad festival, the largest film festival in Belarus. The victories were celebrated on Khoosat Films’ and the director’s official Instagram accounts.

Adding to the film’s laurels, veteran actor Sania Saeed, who portrays the role of a blind woman named Sakina in Kamli, was honored as Best Actress at the Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival (MISAFF) in Mississauga, Canada. Kamli boasts a stellar cast, including Nimra Bucha, Adeel Afzal, Iman Shahid, and marked Hamza Khawaja’s debut, alongside the talented Saba Qamar and Omair Rana.

Khoosat’s journey in the world of cinema extends beyond Kamli. His 2019 film, Zindagi Tamasha, represented Pakistan at the 93rd Oscars in the Best International Film category, gaining global acclaim and multiple awards. However, the film faced challenges in reaching local audiences due to protests by religious groups, despite receiving clearance from all three censor boards. In response, Khoosat took a bold step, releasing the film on video hosting services such as YouTube and Vimeo on August 4, 2023.

This decision shows how committed he is to make sure his movies reach people, even if there are challenges. This move not only shows how things are changing in how movies are shared but also shows that Khoosat is really determined to share his work, even if it’s controversial, with people all over the world. 

As we celebrate Khoosat’s well-deserved victories and the global recognition showered upon Kamli, it’s evident that his storytelling prowess continues to captivate audiences worldwide, transcending borders and barriers. The success of Kamli and the enduring impact of Zindagi Tamasha highlight Khoosat’s commitment to pushing cinematic boundaries and delivering narratives that resonate on a universal scale.

Sarmad Khoosat is really good at telling interesting stories that people from different places can connect with. His movie, Kamli, with its big group of actors and emotional storytelling, not only won awards but also got people talking about including everyone and showing different kinds of people in movies. The success of the film shows how much Khoosat cares about telling different and meaningful stories. As we celebrate the director’s recent successes, it’s easy to see that Sarmad Khoosat is making a big impact on the movie world, creating stories that go beyond borders and connect with people from all walks of life.

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