Sasta Bazar’s Ramadan Sale: Discounts Galore for the Holy Month

ramazan sasta bazaar

Since inflation is at its peak in Pakistan and everyone is working hard to made their ends meet. Also, Ramadan is here and getting ramadan essentials at reasonable price is very important. Hence, to cope with the issue a well-known bazaar called Sasta Ramadan Bazar opens up for the month of Ramadan to proavide lower pricing on a variety of products, including food, clothing, and home goods. The bazaar’s location may change annually and be decided by the local government, although it is normally set up in the middle of a city or town.

Things You Can Find in Sasta Ramzan Bazar

In a Sasta Ramazan Bazaar, you may often find the following items:

  • Food Products: The market offers a wide selection of food products, including dates, fruits, vegetables, meat, and chicken. Samosas, pakoras, and chaat are a few additional typical Ramadan meals that could be available at vendors.
  • Clothing: A variety of apparel alternatives are available at discounted costs at Sasta Ramazan Bazaar. Shalwar kameez, kurtas, hijabs, and other traditional attire are available.
  • Home items: A variety of domestic items are also offered at a discount at the bazaar. Kitchen appliances, furniture, bedding, and decorative goods are among the things you can discover.
  • Electronics: Sasta Ramazan Bazaar could also contain stalls that provide discounted pricing on electronics including mobile phones, TVs, and home appliances.
  • Islamic books and Accessories: Stalls selling Islamic books, prayer mats, and other Islamic-related items may be present in the bazaar.
  • Toys and Games: Lastly, Sasta Ramazan Bazaar might contain stalls offering dolls, board games, and other kid-friendly games and toys.
  • Dates: Dates are frequently offered at the bazaar in great quantities and are a necessary item during Ramadan. Dates come in a variety of varieties, including those produced locally in Pakistan and those imported from Saudi Arabia.
  • Sweets & Desserts: Vendors selling a variety of traditional sweets including gulab jamun, barfi, and jalebi are a common sight at the bazaar.
  • Prayer Mats: The market has a large number of sellers selling religious supplies such prayer mats, Qurans, and Islamic books.
  • Eid Gifts: The bazar is a great place to shop for reasonable Eid Gifts for your friends and family. 
  • Items for beauty and personal care: The bazaar offers a variety of items for beauty and personal care, including henna, hair oil, and skincare products.
  • Carpets and rugs: The bazaar is an excellent place to purchase for home decor items because some sellers there provide carpets and rugs at discounted costs.
  • Kitchen utensils: The bazaar is an excellent place to find affordable cooking items like plates, glasses, and silverware.

How to Find the Location of Sasta Ramzan Bazar

You can check with the local government officials in your area or ask at the closest mosque or Islamic centre to get the precise location of the Sasta Ramzan Market in your city. Location details for the bazaar may also be available from regional newspapers and social media pages. Before going, it is advisable to clarify the bazaar’s schedule and location because these details can vary from year to year.

Location of Sasta Ramzan Bazar in Islamabad

The location of Sasta Ramzan Bazar may vary each year; however, the usual area of setup are:

  • F-10 Markaz
  • G-9 Markaz
  • Peshawar Mor

Location of Sasta Ramzan Bazar in Karachi

The location of Sasta Ramzan Bazar may vary each year; however, the usual area of setup are:

  • Jinnah Ground 
  • M.A Jinnah Road
  • Bahadurabad

Location of Sasta Ramzan Bazar in Lahore

The location of Sasta Ramzan Bazar may vary each year; however, the usual area of setup are:

  • Anarkali Bazaar
  • Badami Bagh
  • Shahdara

Location of Sasta Ramzan Bazar in Peshawar

The location of Sasta Ramzan Bazar may vary each year; however, the usual area of setup are:

  • Khyber Bazaar
  • University Road

Enjoy Ramadan by Shopping at Sasta Ramazan Bazar!

Save money by shopping at Sasta Ramazan Bazar in your city. You can find each and every itwem of daily use at this Bazar. Moreover, you can do some Eid shopping at a very reasonable price as well. 

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